PES 2019 for iOS and Android. News and release date


The most football fans of the place not only wait for the arrival of the end of summer to suppose the start of most football seasons of almost all European leagues, , but because it is usually the moment chosen by developers to announce their new mobile soccer games . Today Konami is the one who announces the news of PES 2019 for iOS and Android , in addition to its download date on both platforms.

While waiting for EA to comment on FIFA 19, a game that comes next week to PC and consoles, the Japanese company Konami has officially announced PES 2019, its annual delivery, despite the start of the season at this time , we will have to wait to download until next Christmas. The company announced today that its current for mobile will be completely renewed as PES 2019 in the biggest update of the football title next December . In this way whoever already has the game will simply have to update it, but whoever downloads it within a couple of months will find it in the app stores like PES 2019 .

PES 2019 for iOS and Android. News and release date

PES 2019 Mobile will be available in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and in Google Play for Android devices.

News of PES 2019 for iOS and Android

Starting with what matters most to players who do not get tired of buying PES and FIFA. this year, PES 2019 will include more than 10 new league licenses in Europe, South America and Asia. However, in Spain we still do not have official licenses. Instead, the game welcomes the SPL of Scotland, the Japanese J.LEAGUE, the Portuguese league, the Superliga Quilmes of Argentina and the Russian Premier League, the latter with exclusive license.

PES 2019 for iOS and Android. News and release date

Another novelty of PES 2019 for iOS and Android affects the MyCLub mode, one of the most played. Here there will be a limited edition of “Characteristics of Players” that will be added weekly and will offer increases in the statistics of the players more in shape, based on the performance they offer in reality.

In terms of gameplay, improvements are added to the artificial intelligence of the players and a greater realism in the physics of the ball will be implemented. It also opens more options when creating unique game styles. For the first time, the game will have UNREAL ENGINE 4 , so the PES 2019 Mobile graphics will look like never before and will resemble those of its namesake for consoles.

You can check the rest of the news that affect the game on the official PES 2019 Mobile page .

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