People do not know how to search Google, according to Google

People do not know how to search Google, according to Google

Google Trends is a tool that lets us know what the world is looking for in Google . Thanks to it we can know the most common search terms around the planet, both present and past, with all kinds of graphs and trends.

For example, we can easily see that

We can also know where these terms are being searched and countries such as Honduras, Colombia, the Dominican Republic or Guatemala are the ones that are most interested in this issue . However, the thing is not there, and we find many related searches that are also in high demand.

For example, “how to look for an image in google from the cell phone” is something that is being asked more and more, after many ups and downs during the last years. Another very curious point, and although it is true that its trend is going down, is that “google” is one of the most popular words. Yes, we search for “google” in Google , and for years it has remained close to 100 of interest.

It seems that some need a small kind of search on the Internet , but thanks to them, and thanks to Google Trends, we can find situations as curious as this one.

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