PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share, complete management of PDFs with your Android


Currently the use of files in format PDF it has become practically a standard, whether for professional use or to send a manual to a friend. Therefore, have an application that allows you manage them It’s a good idea and, we’ve tried PDF Reader – Sca n, Edit & Shar and , which exactly allows you to achieve this.

This development, which can be used in devices with operating system Android (either a tablet or a smartphone) and with it is possible to perform a large number of operations, it is quite complete. By the way, despite the name that has the development -PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share-, the work is translated so that the use is as simple and intuitive … But, and there is always one, the amount of advertising that includes, it seems excessive.

The structure of the Interface it seems to us adequate , where there is no missing a side menu that allows you to jump from one place to another of the application in a simple way. The colors that are used without enough neutral, which achieves an attractive visual effect. Regarding the integrated tools for the functionalities that exist in PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share, there are buttons direct up scrollbars that allow a more than correct accuracy. Therefore, in what has to do with manipulation we have liked this work a lot.

The compatibility of PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share is not a problem, at least as far as the operating system is concerned, since with having Android 4.0.1 the development can be executed. Of course, when you perform complex operations such as editing it has become clear to us that you have a device with 3 GB of RAM It is more than recommended. This is important to keep this in mind.

PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share, use and options

Well, there are many possibilities that this development offers. Thus, for example, it is capable of manipulating from video; going through documents; and, even, compressed files. But, evidently, the essential thing that the work offers is to manage PDFs. And it is possible to make a edition quite complete of those that are on the Android device.

How to edit PDF files on Android from Google Drive

An example of the possibilities available in PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share are the following: underline texts; copy the contents of a file; add freehand text ; and, also, perform simple operations such as name management. Curious that it is not possible to use additional images, but the truth is that this is not something especially demanded. Obviously, all the modifications executed can be saved in PDF format.

One of the things that stand out in PDF Reader – Scan, Edit & Share is the possibility of using the development as a scanner of documents or images . For this, the camera of the device is used, so part of the reliability it offers depends on this component. The case, is that everything is simple, with help assistants – here, we have discovered some without translating – and with the option of making punctual selections of the acquired thing and to execute some editions more in tonalities or letters. The truth is that the operation is quite solvent .

Download the PDF Reader application – Scan, Edit & Share

If you want to try this development, you can get it by downloading it from the app stores Galaxy Apps or Play Store , in both cases the process is completely gratuitous . With a good amount of tools, which highlights the one that allows you to scan texts or images, the truth is that this is a complete application and it is worthwhile – but it abuses the ads.

PDF Reader - Scan, Edit & Share, complete management of PDFs with your Android

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