Part of the features of the Nokia 8.1 appear in Geekbench


Nokia returned last year with strength to the smartphone market, with its first Android phones, and in this short period of time has already made a respectable gap in the market. Now we have known part of the features of the Nokia 8.1 in its passage through the performance test of Geekbench.

A few days ago was the Nokia X7 , the new mid-range of the Nordic firm, with a premium mid-range data sheet, which has a lot to do with what we have seen now of the Nokia 8.1.

Features of the Nokia 8.1 in Geekbench

The Nokia 8.1 has been seen as such in the performance test of Geekbench, where has happened with this name, showing some of its most important features. And it’s funny, because with respect to its predecessor, the Nokia 8 , there are important differences in the processor, since it will not have the Snapdragon 835 released at the beginning of this year, but as we can see, it would have the Snapdragon 710, the processor most powerful of the average range of Qualcomm, below the 800 series. Something that would make quite sense with the arrival of new range stops like the Nokia 9 or Nokia 10 that have been rumored so much.

Part of the features of the Nokia 8.1 appear in Geekbench

The arrival of these phones would logically mean giving the throne of the high range of Nokia 8 to these phones, so the Nokia 8.1 would surely be the most advanced mid-range of the firm. On the other hand, an interesting fact is that the phone has gone through the trial with Android 9 Pie as an operating system , which already says a lot about the intentions of Nokia, which will launch it with the latest version of the factory system. Another data that passes us through this test of performance is 4GB, a standard number, which does not prevent it comes with a version of 6GB.

Part of the features of the Nokia 8.1 appear in Geekbench

Recall that the Nokia X7 has also come with the Snapdragon 710 processor , so in this regard we can think that Nokia would be preparing very similar models, or that in reality the Nokia X7 could become the Nokia 8.1 in the West, something that would be quite more sense, although we also have a Nokia 7.1 on the way. What is clear is that the Nokia 8 series will soon cease to be its top of the range, to be the mid-range premium phones of the Nordic firm. And of course, his launch is much closer after passing through Geekbench, as we have seen him now.

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