Oxygen Updater, the app to download OnePlus updates before anyone else


How many times have you been aware of the availability of a upgrade for you OnePlus smartphone through your favorite media, but your mobile does not detect the availability of such update? If you find yourself in this situation, the Oxygen Updater app promises to be your ally since it will allow you to download the OnePlus updates just when they are released by the manufacturer, without waiting.

You may have heard the term of stepped updates . If not, we anticipate that it is a procedure by which manufacturers release an improvement of software via OTA in relation to a series of filters. These can be related to the geographical area in which you are, operator or even attending the lot in which your mobile is included. In this way, the manufacturer has the ability to manage the resources of its servers so that they are not saturated or even as a preventive measure. And it is a way to detect potential problems with an update and have the ability to stop the OTA so that it does not affect more users.

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Fractional updates

In any case, this series of factors determine to a large extent that you receive an update before or after. In the case of OnePlus , the brand has refined the process of releasing updates, as well as reducing the time to launch new versions of software. However, you will not escape those tiered updates. Maybe the waiting time is days, maybe weeks. However, you have at your fingertips an application that reduces the wait to the minimum expression. Oxygen Updater, the app to download OnePlus updates before anyone else

That application is Oxygen Updater . An app available in Google Play for free and that, in essence, detects, warns you and allows you to download and install any update released by OnePlus from the first minute.

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Updates from OnePlus at the moment with Oxygen Updater

The process is as simple as using the own tool integrated into the OnePlus smartphone system. Nevertheless, Oxygen Updater forces detection of OTA update and it allows you to download and install it at the moment, avoiding any kind of wait.

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As the screenshots show, once the download of the update is finished, it is possible to start its installation with just clicking on the download icon that has finished. Automatically, Oxygen Updater will restart the smartphone and start the installation system through the recovery.

In this way, Oxygen Updater brings the user updates from OnePlus from the moment in which the OTA update is released, avoiding the sometimes annoying wait. The app is, as the developer indicates on the official page , compatible with all OnePlus smartphones.

Oxygen Updater on Google Play

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