Oppo Find X: Official features and design of the most innovative smartphone

Oppo Find X

After a few weeks of rumors, the Oppo Find X, new flagship of Oppo that has not disappointed after all the “hype” generated (something that did the Lenovo Z5) and that it is presented as the most advanced smartphone in terms of design and screen ratio, although it does not stop having one or two hits that can throw back more than one user.

The Oppo Find X arrives with a relationship between the chassis and the 92.25% , the largest we had seen so far on a smartphone and that has involved adopting some design solutions very similar to those we could already see in the I live Nex. This is the Oppo Find X.

Oppo Find X: who needs a notch?

While most manufacturers on the market (including Google) choose to adopt the famous eyebrow popularized by the iPhone X, Oppo has decided to create a system of retractable camera So far never seen on a smartphone.

And it is not that the solution itself is exclusive to Oppo, because we could already see a retractable camera in the Vivo NEX and in the Vivo Apex, but the Oppo Find X goes a little further and instead of using a small appendix, use a complete system It is located on the back of the smartphone and at the same time that it launches the front camera, it also exposes the rear cameras.

Oppo Find X: Official features and design of the most innovative smartphone

The advantages of this system are both aesthetic and functional. Aesthetics because the front camera of the Vivo NEX reminds us of R2D2 and functional because we believe that the system used in the Oppo Find X is more resistant to falls plus protects all lenses , (front and rear) of the daily transfer of the smartphone, whenever we are not using them (no scratching the lenses in a pocket or rubbing with a table, for example).

This system also leaves us with a much cleaner design for the back of the Oppo Find X, since there is absolutely nothing in the back part, since Oppo has dispensed with the fingerprint reader .

State-of-the-art hardware for the Oppo Find X

Launching a smartphone that attracts all eyes and then does not render properly does not make much sense, that is why Oppo has put all the meat in the spit with internal components at the height of the best in the market, and where a total of 8 GB of RAM , that will allow us to give a very intensive use to the device without suffering the experience of use.

Oppo Find X: Official features and design of the most innovative smartphone

These are the characteristics of the Oppo Find X:

  • Screen: 6.40 inches with OLED technology, aspect ratio 18: 9 and resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels / 92.25% ratio screen / front
  • SoC: Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630 GPU
  • RAM : 8 GB LPDDR4X
  • Internal storage: Up to 256 GB
  • Rear camera: 16 + 20 megapixels with Dual LED flash and PDAF focus
  • Frontal camera: 25 megapixels
  • Battery : 3,730 mAh with fast charge Super VOOC
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM 4G, WiFi ac (Dual band), Bluetooth 5.0, USB type C, GPS
  • Additional features: 3D facial recognition
  • OS : Color OS, based on Android 8.1 Oreo

A large photographic section and an absence of some importance

In the absence of seeing the first shots made with the device, everything points to the Oppo Find X will be a large photographic smartphone, since we have double camera back , which implies the possibility of realizing selective blurs .

One of the sensors ( 16 + 20 Mpx ) is monochromatic , so the black and white photos will be very natural, we also have the possibility to use a optical zoom and we can even record video with 4K resolution.

The problem with the design of the Oppo Find X is that there is no fingerprint reader . A very risky decision by Oppo and that adds to the absence of a jack for headphones.

And is that the camera system of the Oppo Find X takes o.5 seconds to be active, to which we will have to add the time that the device analyzes and detects our face, something that can be very slow for many users, which would end up using more classic unlocking systems such as a pattern or a pin, for very effective that is the system of 3D scan used by Oppo.

Do not misunderstand us, the solution used by Oppo seems spectacular, but it would have been nice not to force the user to use the front camera to unlock the device, including a traditional fingerprint reader.

Conclusions and availability in Spain of the Oppo Find X

Oppo has done a great job. You have taken the design of the Galaxy S9, has added a surprising screen ratio and has hidden the cameras to create a very powerful smartphone with a spectacular design.

Oppo Find X: Official features and design of the most innovative smartphone

Little must be objected, a priori, beyond the aforementioned absence of a classic fingerprint reader (or under the screen), so a priori we are before a device that can become a sales success.

Oppo has not yet provided the price of the Oppo Find X, but we will expand the information as soon as possible.

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