Only 2 out of 10 € spent on Super Mario Run come from Android

Only 2 out of 10 € spent on Super Mario Run come from Android

We already know more than enough that Android is not an especially profitable operating system for developers . Various studies and reports have shown that most of the income of the apps sector comes from the Apple platform , not to mention that the total benefits of the industry from Android barely reach 30%. It is a reality that we must accept, and after having, today we are going to tell you about another ‘best seller’ that generated an enormous acceptance – and controversy -: Super Mario Run.

According to the consultant, Super Mario Run has generated 60 million dollars in income in its “short” life span across the globe. Of these 60 million, 77% come from the iOS App Store, while the remaining amount, 23%, comes from Google Play . That means, in plainer terms, that of the 60 million, only 13.8 come from Android, or what is the same, two out of ten euros. It’s a ridiculous figure considering that Android has a global market share of 85.9%.

The business model of Super Mario Run is based on micropayments to get new maps, people, content, etc.

As a curiosity, Sensor Tower confirms that 43% of revenues come from the United States , and that only 17% come from Japan – a relatively low number taking into account that Nintendo is Japanese and that Super Mario games have an enormous relevance there -. Anyway, it’s good news that Nintendo makes money with its game for smartphones, although Android users should give us a wren let history repeat itself . If we want quality games to reach our smartphones, we must show that it is a profitable and interesting platform, and for that it is essential to pay for what they offer us – as long as it is worthwhile.

Only 2 out of 10 € spent on Super Mario Run come from Android

When Super Mario Run was launched, from Nintendo they confirmed that. The objective of this was not other than, although many people complained because, after all, they pay fair for sinners . Do we want to turn the tortilla around? Do we want the games to be worthwhile and not force you to go through the box every two times? Well, scratch your pocket, but maybe now, at a time when the freemium format is booming and works It can be complicated


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