OnePlus tricks users into OnePlus 6 ads


The manufacturers of smartphones tend to “stretch the gum” too when it comes to showing the characteristics of their new phones in traditional media. the most recent example we have it in the iPhone 7 and its apparent “waterproofness “That brought together a group of consumers to demand the withdrawal of a famous mobile ad by misleading advertising. something similar happens now with the OnePlus 6 .

In the case of Apple, the origin of the controversy was in the iPhone 7 ad that showed him wet in the environment of a pool that could lead users to think that, as the brand says, the phone is splash resistant. However, the brand excludes possible liquids damages from its legal guarantee, which is why the TV advertisement suggested things that are not. In the case of OnePlus 6 , the case is even more flagrant, since it shows a device that although it is like the original OnePlus 6, its design changes slightly.

This is the announcement in question, where the new OnePlus 6 Red.

Differences between the original OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6 ad

Maybe at first glance, if you’re not used to OnePlus 6, do not realize something that has begun to be discussed in the Reddit forums. And is that in the latest video of the brand, entitled “The Red You Need” on the new red terminal, appreciates how the size of the lower bezel of the phone is much thinner than that of the real mobile. So you can check it out at a glance, you just have to take a look at these images where we compare the OnePlus 6 “modified” with the original OnePlus 6. In addition to the lower frame, it seems that the side screen frames are also slightly thinner.

It is not the first time that OnePlus is caught lying. In the past, it has been accused OnePlus to lie in the results offered by their phones in the benchmark that measure the performance of our devices. The last case affected the OnePlus 5 , which increased the minimum frequency of the small group of components responsible for the performance of the terminal to work as often as possible when executing a benchmark, showing unreal results in normal environments.

At the moment the Chinese brand has not commented on the criticism of users about this possible OnePlus 6 handling in your ads.

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