OnePlus is the new Apple, and that’s not good

OnePlus is the new Apple, and that's not good

Panem et circenses, or bread and circus. An expression used since Roman times, for calm the mood of the people offering certain demagogic favors, hiding the dark truth and situation that may be behind . As an editor, I’ve been through hundreds of phones, I’ve been, in particular, the owner of several OnePlus, and I know the operation of the firm, as well as the marketing and psychological strategy that they do from the Chinese firm .

Today, I tell you Why OnePlus is acting like Apple , taking to the maximum the strategy of bread and circus, to please the users, who really end up convinced that the firm is, little more, than giving them the sky with each new news that comes out.

OnePlus, taking an example from Apple

One of Apple’s main strategies, is to delay the novelties presented to the public, in hardware and software . Apple knew very well that grouped notifications were necessary, but has decided to bring them in 2018, as a great novelty of iOS 12 . When they announced it, the audience got up to applaud. Clap for something that takes on Android since the first version!

On the other hand, although they defend that iOS does not need so much hardware, will incorporate 4 GB of RAM this year , they continue increasing the power of their mobiles more and more, and offering years later than the rest resistance to water, fast charging, and all these technologies that already existed. There is a basic concept to follow, when you deprive the public of something, the news is received with much more desire .

OnePlus is the new Apple, and that's not good

OnePlus takes an example of this, knowing how to win over the public. We give you an example: the OnePlus 3T was born with Android 6.0. The media criticized him harshly, since the firm was in a position to launch Android Nougat perfectly, but they did not, because otherwise, they should update the mobile to Android Oreo yaa Android P. If you launch it with one less update, you you save the last one, but you’re still updating twice , Master play.

They repeated this move with the OnePlus 5T, this being even more flagrant. When the OnePlus 5T was launched, the OnePlus 3 had Android Oreo , But the 5T went out with Nougat! This excluded him from Project Treble, and, for risk to brickear the devices.

OnePlus is the new Apple, and that's not good

Yesterday,, and of course, the fans of the firm celebrated it as a final of the Champions . The OnePlus 5T had to go out with Oreo, ergo with Project Treble support natively, the firm refused to do this, and months later, they included it in an OTA – did not they say there was a brick risk? –

However, the play is winning. Convince your users that the mobile will not have the characteristic that it should have since its launch , and months later you provide it, bravo! The one who has purchased the OnePlus can argue that it has 3 years of support, but does not have that receives an update less than it should .

The only way to solve the problem of the saga T, is that the OnePlus 6T -which will be, save this article-, go to the market with Android P . If you go back to Android Oreo, even taking the Android P beta on previous devices, the cycle will be repeated, although this year we do not believe this to happen, as it seems that the firm is finally committing to update.

OnePlus is the new Apple, and that's not good

It can be ironic that we criticize the OnePlus support, and in turn we compare it with Apple, which are the kings of the support, but we want you to understand the concept. Both Apple and OnePlus deprive buyers of features that could include , but that do not include, in the case of Apple to sell them as “new” the following year, and in the case of OnePlus to save a little work.

Yes, we know that in the case of OnePlus not T the support is excellent, both the OnePlus 3 and 5 will receive the two corresponding versions of Android, as well as security patches for an extra year. Nevertheless, the crown jewels, the T’s, really only get an update , since they are born with an earlier version than the most recent one.

The purpose of all this, is to make clear that OnePlus is one of the firms that best updates -which is not difficult, considering the bad work that others do- , but that not everything is as beautiful as some think, and that much less the support of OnePlus is close to the one that Google offers in its terminals. However, we must not forget that the price-quality ratio of the firm is unsurpassed, their mobiles perform better than other range buffers that cost twice as much , and in general, they are an excellent purchase. Remember that criticizing an aspect of a signature, is not going against it , but encourage the improvement and progress of it, for the benefit of all present and future users.


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