OnePlus 6T: 11 questions and curiosities clarified by the company

OnePlus 6T: 11 questions and curiosities clarified by the company

Earlier this week we were able to attend the . The new OnePlus flagship terminal, which

But even today, when the OnePlus 6T is already on sale in some countries and most doubts have dissipated, there were still some unconfirmed details. For this reason, OnePlus itself has carried out an AMA session -Ask Me Anything-

Why there is no notification LED, night mode in previous models and other questions clarified by OnePlus

OnePlus 6T: 11 questions and curiosities clarified by the company

  • Why there is no notification LED:

We wanted to maximize the amount of screen space while minimizing the bevels on all sides.

  • About the screen protector included in the phone:

Our standard screen protector in the box is made of PET – polyethylene terephthalate – but the screen protector sold on the website [coming soon] is made of 3D glass.

  • Why the option to use an Always on Display mode is not given:

Always on Display is a great feature to have on a smartphone. However, we are still considering the functional value versus the energy consumption of this function before implementing it.

  • Why headphones are not included – despite having eliminated the jack-:

We believe that unnecessarily it would create waste and increase the price of our products for something that people already own. And most likely, they already have a pair of headphones that are better than those normally included in the box.

  • Why OnePlus 6T does not have IP certification:

We design our products for a great daily use, not for extreme cases. If you accidentally drop your phone in a puddle or spill some water (both are everyday scenarios), you will survive. If you want to dive with it (which is not an everyday scenario), it will not survive.

  • Will OnePlus launch a content-sized smartphone?

Most people are very happy with the current size and we are not thinking about changing this now.

  • How does night mode -Nightscape work?

It is a combination of several technologies and algorithms. First is the Nightscape HD. The second is the optimization of details so that the Nightscape photo looks clear and clear. Third is noise reduction. Finally, there is the stabilization of multiple tables.

  • Will night mode arrive to models before the OnePlus 6?

No, Nightscape will only work on OnePlus 6 / 6T due to the hardware difference.

  • So, what features of the OnePlus 6 will reach previous models?

Software improvements such as Gestures 2.0 and smart boost will be available in 5 and 5T.

  • Can we expect a OnePlus smartwatch?

There are no plans at this time.

  • Screen unlocking can dazzle at night. Will there be a solution?

We consider environmental factors and environmental light when unlocking the phone. This is something we are working on.

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