OnePlus 6 red: attention to detail and empowerment

OnePlus 6 red: attention to detail and empowerment

Carl Pei and Pete Lau know very well how they have to sell their devices. A lot hype initial, short remittances, and special units shortly after the launch of the original model . From the OnePlus 3 take this strategy forward, and it seems that it is working quite well.

Today, we have for you the official announcement ofRed , which will be ready next week with an incredible hardware configuration.

OnePlus 6 red, the most striking of all

OnePlus 6 red: attention to detail and empowerment

Finally, OnePlus put aside aluminum for its flagships and decided to move to glass, the most standardized material currently for high-end mobile phones. Being the first to have different finishes for this crystal , now, they have decided to remove one of the few mobile phones from the market with the red color, something we have seen in other premium terminals, such as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

As advertised, The OnePlus 6 red will be available next week globally , and will have a single configuration of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Top of the range hardware, for a mobile that comes to cost almost half of the rest of its rivals.

Red empowers you

The slogan of this OnePlus 6 is that the red empowers you . Carl Pei says that there has always been “power” in the OnePlus red symbol, its most distinctive hallmark. We like, honestly, how they have built this terminal , and it is that it seems that they tried that the red one was not too showy and bright, looking for a good balance so that the mobile was nice, but not “garish”.

This has been achieved with a new process to cover the phone, which, according to OnePlus, has never been used in the history of smartphones. They talk about this OnePlus 6 as a work of crafts and whether it’s true or not, we like to see how they believe in your product , and make their mobiles the most differential of the high range.


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