OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

And the beast arrived at the offices of Andro4all. One of the most desired mobile of the year, the OnePlus 6, is going through our analysis table, and we have a lot to tell you about him . Today, we show you our first impressions on the OnePlus 6, of which We will have a full review in not much more than two weeks .

OnePlus has created a round product, recommended for most users, and with several strengths and weaknesses to comment. The high-end of 1,000 is innacesible for many users, and the Chinese firm shows that you do not have to spend so much money to have a good user experience .

OnePlus 6, first impressions

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

As soon as I took the OnePlus 6 out of the box, I could not smile and think ” [sounding bad word] , how nice ” The OnePlus 6 it is extremely premium , its level of construction is at the level of any Samsung Galaxy S9, P20 Pro or iPhone X, and the feeling in hand is very nice. It is surprising how extremely compact it is, having 6.28 inches, can be used with one hand, and is smaller than most 6-inch mobiles . This is due to the extreme reduction of terminal frames, which I can only applaud, since it is as close to the iPhone X as we have seen this year.

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

Your screen is good, at the level of its price. Correct viewing angles, excellent brightness level , and good color interpretation -very configurable from the settings-. Maybe we miss something more resolution, because the QHD is noted in terms of contrast and sharpness of the screen, but taking into account the autonomy and performance of this terminal, is something that goes to a secondary level.

As for the notch, yes, it’s there, but it does not bother . I am a detractor of the notch, since my experience with him on the iPhone X was devastating, videos and photos cut, games in which I lost content … In the OnePlus 6, a black bar automatically appears that hides the notch and adapts the content , in applications like Chrome, YouTube, Instagram … In addition, you always have the option to hide it permanently.

Ironically, in Android we are treating the notch with more logic than in iOS. It is smaller, concealable, and adapts well depending on what application we are using. Is not a deal breaker absolutely.

We will have time to discuss the hardware and software thoroughly in the review, but we have to tell you that the OnePlus 6 flies. It is the fastest Android terminal -that is no longer fluid- , and is that the opening times of the apps, performance in games -we’ll talk about the game mode, a candy-, and speed of the gestures make it incredibly fast. It is a mobile with more latency than the rest , so if you come from an iPhone or a recent Pixel, you will notice a slight delay when using the keyboard. This is due exclusively to OxygenOS, since when the ROM is changed the latency disappears. Carl, fix this, they’re already a few generations .

With the days you get used to it, although I wish this was not there . In the review we will document it with videos and a more scientific explanation, because it is something that is present and it shows.

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

The autonomy of this terminal is outstanding, taking into account the low amperage with which its battery counts. I am doing an average of 6 hours of screen, having reached a maximum of 7:30, and at least 5 hours. The Snapdragon 845 together with OyxgenOS is a winning combination in terms of autonomy. Dash Charge is still extremely fast , charging our battery completely in just over an hour.

The main camera is something that also stands out. It has a spectacular dynamic range, it treats the highlights well, and offers great results . A very small step behind terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 XL or iPhone X in terms of photography. The video and the front camera are two aspects that let us see that we are not facing a high range of 1,000 euros, although we will talk more thoroughly about this in the review. Acceptable results in these two aspects , without becoming a positive point.

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

Outstanding in performance, design and autonomy, remarkable in rear camera, screen and support, is to talk about the only negative point of this terminal, the audio . The audio is not good, it has a correct volume level, but it is in a bad location and, most importantly, It has no quality . It is a mobile of more than 500 euros which is required more in this regard, without becoming too serious .

In the review, we will analyze the terminal thoroughly, we will talk about facial recognition, the experience of use after days, the most in depth camera, and everything you need to know, but after a week of use, we can recommend with the eyes closed the OnePlus 6 .

OnePlus 6, first impressions after a week of use

A terminal of 500 euros able to stand up to terminals that are worth double, and preferable, in my opinion, to some traditional brand alternatives that perform much worse. If you want to get hold of him with a shipment in 48h from Spain, guarantee of two years and a lower price than the official store , you can get with him in.

You can follow them inor in, to be aware of the products they have in stock, with great value for money .


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