OmniPeek Enterprise 11.0: Monitor And Manage Any Wireless Network

Savvius Omnipeek

Omnipeek by Savvius offers a unique collection of tools and features for network analysis and troubleshooting . With this software you can analyze all data from the network and use the results to make the best decisions about your network infrastructure and settings. Using this software, you can analyze, analyze and improve the speed, security, and network performance and its infrastructure, and improve its performance.

Savvius Omnipeek’s key features :

– Very fast and accurate operation
– Check all network layers and applications
– Analyze network and service
traffic – Monitor video and video traffic on IP
– Analytics and graphic display and consumption consumption
– Record and analyze the standard wireless network
– Save account results from analysis and analysis
– Automatic alert when there is a network fault and set it up

Omnipeek, the best-in-class suite of network analytics software, delivers intuitive visualization and effective judgment for faster resolution of network and application performance issues. Omnipeek builds the years of Savvius packet intelligence with customizable workflows and visualization across multiple network segments to enable resolution of network performance and reliability issues in real time. With advanced geolocation, security, usability, and performance features, Omnipeek offers a powerful user experience that enables rapid analysis and troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks from the largest data centers to the smallest offices.

Here are some key features of Omnipeek – Savvius:

– Accelerate Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) with a lightning-fast visualization and interaction with metadata, flows and packet data.
– Gain unprecedented visibility into networks and applications including classification of layer 7 traffic.
– Analyze traffic from any local network segment, including Ethernet, 1/10/40 Gigabit, 802.11, and voice and video over IP including network segments configured with Capture Engines for Omnipeek or Omnipliance network capture and analytics devices.
– Monitor voice and video over IP traffic in real time including high-level multi-media summary statistics, comprehensive signaling and media analytics, and call play back.
– View packet-based analytics by flow (conversation pairs) and visualize them in intuitive graphical displays.
– Capture and analyze 802.11n and 802.11ac wireless traffic from already deployed access points from Cisco, Aruba, and other leading vendors.
– Expert analysis – built-in, real-time analysis of hundreds of common network problems.
– Automatic alerts are based on Expert analysis, or when configured network policies are violated.

Supported Operating Systems and Browser:
– Windows 10
– Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
– Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
– Windows Server 2016
– Windows Server 2012
– Windows Server 2012 R2
– Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit )

All operating systems require Internet Explorer 9.0 or later

Important Notes:
The only wireless drivers that include 64-bit support are the Ralink and Atheros drivers. Standard Ethernet 10/100/1000 cards are supported by Windows 64-bit operating systems.

Recommended System:
Intel Core i3 or higher Processor, 4G RAM, 40GB available HD Space

Minimum System Requirements
Capture Engine for Omnipeek supports most rack mount, desktop and luggable computers as long as the basic system requirements for running supported operating systems are met. To analyze 10 Gigabit, Gigabit, or Wireless traffic, a supported Network Analyzer Card or Wireless LAN Adapter is required. Depending on traffic and the specific use of the capture engine, the requirements may be substantially higher.

Heavier Usage Recommendations:
Factors that contribute to superior performance include high speed CPUs, dual CPUs, high-performance disk storage subsystem (RAID 0), and as much additional hard disk space as needed for saving trace files that you plan to manage.

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