Olivia and WhatsApp, the deception that sends pornographic content to children


We had long without echoing any worthy of mention and we have lived a quiet time without any danger threatening us from the messaging application. However, today we discover a threat, not directed at us but what is worse, at our children. This is the new deception of Olivia and WhatsApp .

As MOMO weeks ago caused astonishment between large and small by the rapid viralization of something or someone who engaged in inappropriate conversations through the messaging app, now Olivia appears on WhatsApp to get in touch with the little ones in the house.

According to the La Vanguardia portal, based on numerous Twitter users, someone or something that calls itself Olivia, pretends to be a friend of a classmate from your children’s school to be stored in the victim’s mobile. After a few lines of conversation ” Olivia ” sends a URL where it says we can see your picture, but it really is a website with pornographic content.

A danger for your children

The Olivia and WhatsApp scam has begun to spread throughout the UK, where the police already warns of this danger so that parents can act accordingly. Personally, at the beginning of the week we recommend installing a series of which, among other things, allows you to discover the web history of your mobile phone and see if they have accessed any website with pornographic content. motivated by Olivia and WhatsApp.

What should be done in case of receiving the unpleasant visit of Olivia? Simple: block the phone number from accessing the contact’s settings (clicking on the 3 points at the top left) and clicking on the “More” menu – Then mark the option “Block contact” and remove the chat from your list of conversations.

Olivia and WhatsApp, the deception that sends pornographic content to children

If you do not block the phone and you just delete the conversation, it is quite likely that Olivia will reappear through the instant messaging application once again, exposing the children again to the danger of accessing pornographic content websites.

It is not clear if, who is behind Olivia , is capable of causing a greater evil in the phones of the victims, but it is quite likely and, without knowing it, we can be giving access to a cybercriminal to our phone book or private information own and our contacts.

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