NVIDIA unveiled a Titan V the most powerful PC GPU ever created

Nvidia Titan V

Nvidia unveiled the Titan V graphics card with the highest processing power in the world. The maximum performance of Titan will reach 110 Teraflops..

Nvidia annually launches the world’s fastest and most powerful graphics card every year to keep track of the competition. A few hours ago, NVIDIA’s company, in its words, built the strongest graphics card to date. The Titan V graphics card is made for desktop computers. This claim represents a significant leap over most of the products that came with the name of the most powerful graphics card. Because Titan is the first consumer graphics card that uses the Ultra Volta architecture.

NVIDIA unveiled a Titan V the most powerful PC GPU ever created

Titan V graphics card is priced at $ 2,999 and is focused on artificial intelligence and scientific simulation processing. Nvidia claims that Titan’s peak performance will reach 110 teraflops. This power is due to the existence of 21.1 billion transistors with 12 GB of HBM2 memory, 5120 CUDA cores and 640 Tensor cores. It is said that the performance of the deep learning of the graphics card due to the 640-core Tensor, has been improved 9 times as before. Titan VI graphics card comes in two attractive colors: golden and black. In the table below, you can see the exact specifications of your Titan graphics card.


Graphical processing cluster 6
Multiple Streaming Processor 80
CUDA core 5120
Texture unit 320
Basic clock 1200 MHz
Clock boost 1455 MHz
Memory clock 850 MHz
Memory Transfer Rate 1.7 Gigabits per second
L2 cache memory size 4608 kB
Total HBM2 video memory 12288 MB
Memory interface 3073 bits
Total memory bandwidth 652.8 gigabytes per second
Texture rate (double sided) 384 Gigoteles per second
Manufacturing process 12 nm
Number of transistors 21.1 billion
connections 3 DSPPI ports and one HDMI
Factor form Double slot
Electrical connections A 6-pin number and an 8-pin number
Recommended power supply 600 watts
Thermal design capability (TDP) 250 watts
Thermal thresholds 91 degrees Celsius

Jensen Huang , founder and CEO of Nvidia , commented on his new graphics card:

Our goal in introducing Volta’s architecture was to eliminate the external constraints of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. We have made new developments and capabilities with the new processing architecture, instructions, numeric formats, memory architecture and processor links. By unveiling the Titan VI graphics card, we put the Volta processor architecture in the hands of researchers and scientists around the world. I can not wait to see the unexpected advances in their discoveries.

Nvidia’s CEO has not talked about the timing of the use of Volta architecture in gaming computer graphics processors. Nvidia’s current Pascal architecture, which was introduced with the GTX 1080 graphics card more than a year and a half , is still one of the top gaming gaming graphics processors on the market. NVIDIA improved the performance of the GTX 1080 graphics card by introducing a turbocharged GTX 1080 Ti. Volta-based graphics processors will now be cost effective for Nvidia; so the Pascal-based graphics card may continue to develop for a long time. The Titanium graphics card with a 2-digit purchase limit for each user is now customizable.

How do you evaluate the ultra-powerful Titan V NVIDIA graphics card? Is the AMD graphics card capable of competing with it?

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