Nokia allows you to finally unlock the 'bootloader' of your Android phones

Nokia allows you to finally unlock the 'bootloader' of your Android phones

Undoubtedly, that has not just arrived.

At least, and this is good news, Nokia guys have worked well with the software meeting the , and although they have taken something longer, finally HMD announces the unlocking of the bootloader of the Nokia phones that we had been promised for months.

It was Juho Sarvikas, the company’s financial director, who posted it on his personal Twitter account prior to

Not all are going to be parties, because for now the European firm only allows to unlock Nokia 8 and already announces that it will be several weeks, or even months, before all its devices are released.

Nokia says that their Android phones already have a fully optimized, certified and tested version of the operating system, with a clean experience and many of them even under the Android One and Android Go programs .

Even so, it opens the door to the personalization and modding of the software of its terminals, asking all users to make sure they know what they are doing before starting the process of unlocking the bootloader .

Nokia allows you to finally unlock the 'bootloader' of your Android phones

The manufacturer already indicates in advance, in addition, a lot of information that will be useful for those advanced users who want to install custom ROMs on a Nokia phone:

  • The process of unlocking the bootloader is not reversible , it can not be undone.
  • This process will delete all the data of the device, so the user will have to reconfigure it and install the applications again.
  • Unlocking the bootloader means losing some features such as mobile payment, limited applications, encryption and DRM.
  • Once unlocked, the device loses coverage of the warranty offered by HMD.
  • The device will become unsafe and may be damaged or attacked.

As always, it is an option that only the Android platform offers , and that some users and most developers will appreciate. However,

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