Nokia 7 Plus endurance test: approves with note


He Nokia 7 Plus It was presented during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​and since then, it has become one of the most interesting devices of this manufacturer. After all, we are first of all a premium mid-range with an excellent design and a fairly contained price, but is Nokia still a company that makes mobile very resistant? This resistance test of the Nokia 7 Plus gives us the answer.

In the video that we are going to show you can see how this device is subjected to all types of abuse, from scratches on your screen and back to burns, through bending test.

In all of them the Nokia 7 Plus has behaved excellently, and although it is not immune to deterioration, it does more than measure up. Let’s see it in detail.

The Nokia 7 Plus is a very rugged smartphone

The Nokia 7 Plus is advertised as a smartphone whose rear has received a paint finish that gives you a ceramic appearance . The author of the video that we show you below intends to find out to what extent Nokia complies with what was promised and what is the general quality of it, revealing some very interesting details of its construction:

To begin with, we have that the screen is coated with Gorilla Glass 3, and according to the author of the video, it is somewhat more resistant to scratches than Gorilla Glass 5. When the screen of the Nokia 7 Plus is subjected to the blade, only the strongest scratches They manage to scratch its surface, so it will be quite difficult to scratch it in normal use.

Equally resistant is the loudspeaker of the device, which is very well integrated of the device and which will require a lot of effort if what we want is to tear off its protective grid.

Nokia 7 Plus endurance test: approves with note

As regards the resistance of the Nokia 7 Plus burned the screen , it must be said that the IPS Full-HD panel of 2160 x 1080 pixels used by Nokia is of very high quality, and although the pixels are deactivated after 10 seconds of exposure to the flame of a cigarette lighter, the panel he recovers then completely of experience, a whole point in favor of this smartphone.

If we go to the back of the device , and here we see how this resistance test of the Nokia 7 Plus allows us to verify that the fingerprint reader if it is built in plastic, but despite being scratched, it still works perfectly. The camera’s flash has plastic cover too, but this does not affect its operation either.

Nokia 7 Plus endurance test: approves with note

As we said at the beginning, Nokia advertises a ceramic finish for the back of the Nokia 7 Plus, and here the author of the video brings out the only point against the device.

Not that the Nokia 7 Plus does not have an attractive finish in sight, but it is clear that the touch of the back is similar to that of plastic and although they have used enough layers of paint, Rear blister can be scratched easily , so that said painting does not give the hardness of a ceramic material.

Nokia 7 Plus endurance test: approves with note

This does not have to be bad, since even being aware that it is a publicity claim, makes the Nokia 7 Plus a device very resistant to falls and bumps, especially if we take into account that the cameras are also protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

We just talked about the side of the device , where it is shown that they are actually built in double anodized aluminum , thus achieving the copper color that characterizes the device, and having to scratch with the cutex the sides to discover the natural aluminum below.

In summary, after seeing this test of resistance of the Nokia 7 Plus, it is clear that despite not having a glass back, the Nokia 7 Plus is true to the tradition of the company and is one of the most resistant devices that we can acquire. If you are looking for a smartphone that endures a lot of abuse, here is a candidate to consider.

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