Night mode is about to hit YouTube on Android

Night mode is about to hit YouTube on Android

Some applications in Android have the so-called night mode, to protect our eyesight in low light conditions, increasing the contrast of the screen with a dark theme. YouTube is the queen of multimedia content , and it was quite strange that it did not have this mode for its mobile versions, from which most of the videos that are uploaded in the portal are reproduced.

Today, we have great news for you. YouTube night mode is already a reality , and within a very short time we can start enjoying it on our Android phones. If you want to know everything about this new feature, stay with us.

This will be YouTube night mode

Night mode is about to hit YouTube on Android

As we can see in The Verge , night mode is already a reality on YouTube, but at the moment it is only available for iOS . It is not something new that the operating system of the iPhone and iPad enjoy before certain developments, even within the Google applications themselves, but it is still good news, since it is proof that they have finally implemented this function in the smartphones.

The night mode can be activated from the application itself, and will increase the contrast of the application with much darker tones, practically the same as, for example, Twitter. Today you can start downloading the update on iOS , so the wait to receive it on Android should be a few days.

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Do not despair, because when you least think about it, you’ll see the night mode icon on YouTube , so you can enjoy all the content with this new theming. They have taken longer than expected, but finally we can enjoy this function that we had been waiting for so long.

And you, do you want the night mode to reach YouTube?

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