Nicolas Maduro: Petro’s pre-sales reach $ 5 billion

According to local news source TeleSUR, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claimed that the country’s oil-backed digital currency, Petro (PTR), has reached $ 5 billion in ongoing pre-sale and that 186,000 approved purchases have taken place. The announcement came at a meeting with members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Caracas.

Maduro said at the meeting that the money from the pre-sale of the digital currency could be used to serve whatever the country needs.

Question marks on Petro

Nicolas Maduro: Petro's pre-sales reach $ 5 billion

Although it has been suggested that the pre-sale of Petro, designed to overcome US economic sanctions, has been successfully continued, there is no evidence to support it. Believed to belong to the Venezuelan government To the NEM wallet the 100 million units of Petro that are in the hands of the head of state are not yet distributed.

He ordered airlines and government agencies to accept Petro

Maduro, on the other hand, has ordered petro companies operating in the country to accept Petro and other digital currencies in ticket sales to boost Petro’s acceptance. Maduro, meanwhile, wants the state institutions to accept Petro in the proceedings.

Petro Gold on the road

Finally, Maduro said that a digital currency, which will be supported by precious metals such as gold for the past month, is also on the way. The name of this digital money will be Petro Gold.

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