Newspaper Dealers in Australia Sell Bitcoin And Ethereum!

Newspaper Dealers in Australia Sell Bitcoin And Ethereum!
Newspaper Dealers in Australia Sell Bitcoin And Ethereum!

There was a revolution in Australia. Australians can now buy bitcoin and ethereal from around 1200 newspaper dealers nationwide.

Bitcoin Australia, a cryptographic exchange operating in the country, and Blueshyft, a payment service provider, will be the result of a partnership deal with approximately 1,200 newspaper dealerships to be equipped with the iPad for the new service. To buy bitcoin and ethereum, users must have a digital wallet and enter their mobile phones and e-mails to register. Then the screen is scanned with the QR code and the purchase is completed. The commission rate is 5% at the latest within 20 minutes after the transaction is completed and the purchased amount goes to the user’s wallet.

Bitcoin Australia CEO Rupert Hackett gave an interview to the Australian Financial Review on the subject. Hackett notes that with this move he intends to make the adoption process of crypto money “more democratic”. However, according to Hackett, investors who are willing to invest in crypto money on the internet due to security concerns will be able to invest confidently from newspaper dealers.

In fact, Australian newspaper dealers have been selling bitcoin since 2016. Hackett, who stated that Ethereum will be sold at dealers with BitCoin due to the great development that it showed in 2017,

“In the past, only ether people knew and wanted to acquire Etherereum. But now the situation has changed and ethereum is known to everyone. Moreover, the lower price compared to BitCoin makes EtherEum more attractive for some investors. ”

The sale of bitcoin and ethereum at newspaper dealers will provide additional revenue gates for the forgotten dealers in the digital age and will lead to more adoption of crypto money on the public base.

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