News in the form of stories reaches Google

News in the form of stories reaches Google

We already warned you at the beginning of the year: Google has been working on adopting the format for some time Stories to show news in a more dynamic way on your search platform . Now, four months after presenting this function, it seems that Google is ready to start the deployment of this tool.

At least that’s what they saythat, during the past few days, have begun to see how some of your searches included news in the form of Stories , with an aspect similar to what we can find on social networks like Instagram Facebook or Snapchat.

Google begins to display news stories in the search engine

As we saw at the time, these types of stories are created using the Google AMP technology – Accelerated Mobile Pages – to make the content load almost instantaneous . While at the moment the number of stories in the search engine it seems to be limited -probably because there are not enough Google “partners” that have adopted the technology-, some users have been able to see and capture its operation.

Apparently, This type of content will be shown in the searches themselves , as if they were conventional search results. However, they will appear in the form of a photograph, and by clicking on it we will be directed to a series of stories that show us the most relevant headlines and the necessary information about the news in question. In the images below these lines you can see in more detail:

Since the stories AMP are an open source standard, it is very likely that we will see more and more media using this type of content to show relevant news through photographs and videos . At the moment, given that it is a system announced in February, it does not seem to be having too much success, although we do not doubt that, like the AMP articles, sooner or later they end up being one of the most extended formats within Google searches.


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