New Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite on the way (and many more)


What of Xiaomi it’s already dark brown. Not content to launch mobile phones of all classes and ranges to the market, flooding its calendar with several launches per month, now new variants of its latest smartphones presented in the last month are on the way … and those that have not yet been presented! We refer of course to Xiaomi Mi 8 Y Xiaomi Mi A2 , mobile phones that will soon receive new “brothers of range” in the form of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Y Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite , But are not the only ones.

At the time we already said that the X iaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition was the best smartphone manufactured by Xiaomi to date, but the latest information makes us see that this will be for a short time, since there is a Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro in development. And is that a few hours ago the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) has certified new Xiaomi phones as the Xiaomi Mi 8, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, the Mi 8 SE and a new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro of which we do not know its characteristics. East My 8 Pro it was not announced at the launch event of the manufacturer’s alata range that took place at the end of May, but it may simply be a model with 256 GB of internal storage.

New Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite on the way (and many more)

But also the certification agency has also given clues about the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite , a smartphone that had previously been filtered . Similarly, we also do not know what its features would be, but it could be, instead of terminal with Android One, offer the even lighter Google system, Android GO, so we could be talking about a terminal with really modest features and, most of all, important, cheaper.

New members of the Redmi 6 range

Besides of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite , the agency has also seen new mobile phones of the Redmi 6 range . In addition to certifying the new Redmi 6, Redmi 6 Pro and Redmi 6A, now we discover two new Xiaomi Redmi 6S Y Redmi 6X . in this way the range Redmi 6 of Xiaomi would be complete with 5 different terminals, even taking time the Chinese brand, if you want, to launch 10 more phones for the new family Redmi, if 5 seem few.

New Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite on the way (and many more)

We remind you that in addition to all these smartphones, it is expected that in July the brand will present the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with a 6.99 inch screen and the Xiaomi Mi A2 , whose launch event would take place in our country.

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