New update for the OnePlus 6T with improvements in sound and camera


OnePlus launches a new update for its reference model, the OnePlus 6T , and does so with a series of innovations and improvements that promise to improve the use experience in the multimedia section, but also at the system level with optimizations that affect connectivity and autonomy , among others. We tell you all the details and news of OxygenOS 9.0.7 below.

In addition to the balance between the price, design and features of their smartphones, OnePlus strives to maintain customer satisfaction with a good pace of updates . Maybe it does not apply as often for models from previous years, but the OnePlus 6T has had a good portion of updates to date. The latest starts today in the form of OxygenOS 9.0.7 and has a series of news of great interest to those who listen to music, especially.

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New update for the OnePlus 6T

As indicated by the brand from the official forums , as of today starts the distribution of a new update for the OnePlus 6T . It is identified as OxygenOS 9.0.7 and contains a series of new features that we will review below: New update for the OnePlus 6T with improvements in sound and camera


The first and perhaps most interesting is related to the sound quality . And it is that the manufacturer solves with this firmware the problems that prevented to activate the equalizer in the reproduction of music by means of Bluetooth headsets . In this way, the user can not only activate any of the eight predefined equalizations , but they can customize the audio to their liking through the seven bands available in the equalizer itself. New update for the OnePlus 6T with improvements in sound and camera

At this point we have to add improvements that affect the stability of the connection via Bluetooth and audio quality in general.

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Enhancements for the OnePlus 6T camera

The camera is another of the components that are improved with the latest update of the OnePlus 6T . Although the firm has not provided further details, the information section of the new version OxygenOS 9.0.7 shows that improvements are included in the slow motion video recording mode . New update for the OnePlus 6T with improvements in sound and camera

The rest of improvements applied by the update refer to patches that increase the stability of the WiFi connection , as well as others aimed at enhancing the autonomy of the device in the idle state and the solution to errors that affected the wallpaper in the blocking screen .

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This update for the OnePlus 6T starts today. It is an OTA of just 100 MB that will be deployed in a staggered manner. This means that the owners of the latest OnePlus smartphone will not receive it at the same time, but will be gradually distributed in the different regions in which the brand’s devices are sold. However, you can also use the download section of the company, on its official website.

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