New Snapdragon 670: Battery saving for the mid-range of 2019


When many of us expected Qualcomm to present the world its new mid-range processor Snapdragon 670 , the company surprised us by showing the Snapdragon 710, a processor that already appears in smartphones such as the . A few weeks later is when the brand finally shows the official information of its new mid-range chip that will drive a host of terminals next year.

Actually the new Snapdragon 670 is closer to the in terms of specifications than any other processor in the firm. We are talking about 2 quite similar processors but the 710 exceeds in some aspects this new CPU. Even with everything, the new Snapdragon 670 is a chipset also manufactured in 10nm and has the same 8 Kryo 360 cores as the 710, but the difference is that the maximum supported frequency is 2 GHz, while the chip found in the Xiaomi terminal reaches 2.2 Ghz, a slight difference in power.

More power and less consumption

A common characteristic of all the processors that are launched to the market is the everlasting promise of offering greater power and lower consumption. It really is logical, because for that Qualcomm has one of the largest R & D departments in the technology market, but it would be nice if one day they surprise us with something more than the usual “more for less”.

New Snapdragon 670: Battery saving for the mid-range of 2019

Focusing on pure and hard hardware, the Snapdragon 670 is configured with eight cores in 4 + 4 arrangement with Cortex A75 and A55 base . The first 4 cores are responsible for offering a power that reaches the 2.0 GHz frequency, while the second group offers a maximum frequency of 1.7 GHz to optimize battery consumption. This supposes a yield 15% superior to previous generations of the chip of Qualcomm and a 25% of energetic saving. As for the battery, we also find Quick Charge 4.0 quick charging technology

The CPU is flanked by an Adreno 615 GPU that supports a maximum resolution of FHD +. In multimedia terms, the Snapdragon 670 supports a unique 25 MP camera or dual 16 MP cameras as well as 4K video recording natively. Game performance should also not be a problem, as it has support for Open GL and Vulkan in its most recent commercialized versions.

New Snapdragon 670: Battery saving for the mid-range of 2019

With Bluetooth 5.0, the processor hosts an X12 LTE modem that supports a maximum download speed of 600 Mbps and a maximum upload of 150 Mbps.

It is expected that the first terminals with the Snapdragon 670 processor will face in early 2019, although two have already been seen, allegedly

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