New Sincroaventura function in Pokémon GO: hatch eggs without running the game


Niantic completes the arrival of a new function to its augmented reality game . And, as detailed by the company, soon there will be an update that integrates Sincroaventura in Pokémon GO . It is an independent application that will run in the background and will take good account of all our steps to develop statistics of your movements, in addition to computing the distances traveled to hatch eggs.

After two years, Niantic continues to release more and more updates for Pokémon GO . With the fourth generation of monsters launched recently , the game does not stop in its evolution to continue motivating users. This time he will do it with a function called Sincroaventura . Below, all the details of the advantages it will offer to all coaches.

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Sincroaventura in Pokémon GO

Walk, walk and walk. That has been the magic recipe of Pokémon GO since it was born in 2016. A video game that has encouraged movement and exercise, something that has reported great benefits to those who have been hooked to the title of Niantic and Nintendo . All you have to do is analyze the many stories that emerge in parallel that speak of significant weight loss, fight against anxiety or socialization with many other players. New Sincroaventura function in Pokémon GO: hatch eggs without running the game

Just in that line, the developer announces that it will soon incorporate the Sincroaventura function in Pokémon GO . A way to continue encouraging the Pokémon GO players to go out on the street to walk, to walk, but with an additional benefit.

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Synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit

And is that this new function Sincroaventura will allow coaches to explore maps of Pokémon GO without even running the game because the new tool will count the steps taken and register them automatically. In this way, users can accumulate kilometers to hatch more and more eggs, in addition to achieving additional candy.

Likewise, Sincroaventura for Pokémon GO will perform weekly statistics from which you can consult all our walks and physical activity in general. On the other hand, Niantic advances that the app will be synchronized equally with the tools of Apple Health and Google Fit on iOS and Android devices.

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