New section Photos in Google Maps to know more details about the area


Yesterday we indicated it by echoing the notification with the suggestion of parking spaces close to your destination . Google Maps adds functions constantly and without brake and the new section photos in Google Maps is another example more. And is that some users have begun to see a section on the tab Explore from which to view photographs of the area , as well as the possibility that you yourself to share your own images. A way to offer help and, at the same time, access extra information about places.

If you want to move to another place, design a route for a trip or look for any establishment in the services sector, Google Maps is the ideal tool. A recommendation based on the infinity of functions that we can find in the Google maps app. To strengthen its dominant position, the great G continues to devise new functions, such as the one discovered today through a new section: photos on Google Maps .

The new “For you” tab of Google Maps starts to be activated

The Explore tab expands spectrum

As you can see from the screenshots, everything points to Google starting to experiment with a new section in Google Maps. And, after the announcement of Android Police , we have seen how the Explore tab integrates a new section from now on, Photos in Google Maps . New section Photos in Google Maps to know more details about the area

For now, and after the verification by our team, this section does not appear in all users, so it seems to be a selective activation by the big G, possibly in order to test its operation for later Implementation gradually in the rest of Google Maps users.

Google Maps will now tell you how long it will take to serve you in a restaurant

Photos in Google Maps: images with geolocation for more information

The new Photos section in Google Maps can be found at the bottom of the Explore tab. We access this by scrolling the interface and we can identify it with a section in which some boxes with photos of the place where we center the map section are shown. New section Photos in Google Maps to know more details about the area

If we access this new section Photos in Google Maps, different albums are listed according to the location and other filters such as emblematic places, monuments, public centers or any other identifying label. Undoubtedly, one more way to expand the information of specific places.

How to download maps from Google Maps to view them offline

By default, the Photos section in Google Maps lists the latest photos registered and uploaded by users. And we can also cooperate by uploading our photos. In this regard, if we click on the Last Photos sign, we can list the best photos (by user’s score) and our own photos.

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