New real photos of the Galaxy Note 9 and more details of the S-Pen and the camera


He Galaxy Note 9 is just around the corner, and by now the next Samsung phablet has stopped hiding, so that the first real images of the device that allow us to know it in all its splendor are already circulating on the net. A few days ago we showed you what the first official render of the Galaxy Note 9 and now the good one Evan Blass It shows us a new official render in full color while new photos circulate on the Internet thanks to the social network Weibo .

These new images let us know some new details of the device, at the same time that they confirm what was already an open secret, that the fingerprint sensor moves to the lower part of the double camera system and that the S-Pen also It will be different from the Galaxy Note 8.

A S-Pen to match the color of our Galaxy Note 9

We already talked the other day that the S-Pen present in the Galaxy Note 9 will come loaded with news, but now we know some more details of it. Apparently, the S-Pen will always be gold , although the upper part the same will go matching with the color that we choose for our Galaxy Note 9, as it has been seen in this render with a unit in blue.

New real photos of the Galaxy Note 9 and more details of the S-Pen and the camera

Another aspect that seems to be confirmed is the fact that the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 would include a second button located in the upper part of it, which is added to the classic button located on the side of it. It is more than possible that this second button, which could work like a pen to use, is responsible for providing the new function of camera trigger.

The rumor also circulates on the network that said trigger for the camera will have a reach of about 17 meters, which can be very useful for group photos.

On the other hand, we already have more information about the S-Pen charging system , a system that promised to be revolutionary and that has its strong point not in the method used, but in the speed, since the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 will be charged in about 40 seconds .

Other functions of the S-Pen that take advantage of its Bluetooth connectivity are the possibility of using it as a speaker and microphone to calls and its use in video game , new features that add to a new construction material and a greater sensitivity that reaches the 8192 points that greatly improves its accuracy.

New real photos of the Galaxy Note 9 and more details of the S-Pen and the camera

As if that were not enough, now we also know that the buttons on the S-Pen can be used jointly with the fingers On the screen, we assume that to create combinations of movements that act as direct access to applications or simply to give us greater freedom when interacting with the device.

Looking in detail at the rear cameras of the Galaxy Note 9

The new photos and information that already circulate on the network are not limited to the S-Pen, since now we can see in detail and in several colors the part Rear of the Galaxy Note 9 , we can appreciate not only the new position of the fingerprint sensor, but the fact that one of the cameras seems to have a larger size than the other, which suggests that one of them could act as wide angle On the other hand, we can also expect the Galaxy Note 9 to inherit the variable aperture system of the Galaxy S9 .

New real photos of the Galaxy Note 9 and more details of the S-Pen and the camera

Galaxy Note 9 hardware is one of the few that we have little news, although there is the possibility that there is a vitamin version with 8 GB of RAM exclusive for the South Korean market.

The other features are more than known and include a Super AMOLED screen of 6.44 inches with an aspect ratio 18.5: 9 ), a SoC Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 (according to market), 6 GB of RAM memory (global version), a battery of 4000mAh and a storage that would start at 64 GB / 128 GB and that could reach up to 512 GB .

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