New opportunity to hunt Lugia in Pokémon GO


One of the first legendary Pokémon that appeared in the Niantic game is back, to the joy of all those who at the time could not capture them. If you want to complete your Pokedex thoroughly, these days you will have a new opportunity to hunt down Lugia in Pokémon GO .

As announced by the company responsible for the game, as of today March 16 the players of Pokemon Go they will have a new opportunity to capture the Legendary Pokémon that first appeared in the Gold and Silver editions of the famous Nintendo title. Of course, you will only have a limited time to hunt Lugia in the game.

As we read in the company forums, Lugia will be available in Pokémon Go until April 2, just after Holy Week. The reason for his arrival right now is none other than to replace the gap left by Rayquaza, another of the Pokemon Legendary Pokémon GO that leaves the title of Niantic these days, at the same time as they make the rewards for the legendary Pokemon GO Week.

In this way Niantic is “out of the sleeve” a new way for players to stay hooked to a title that still resists dying, after the exceptional success of the summer of 2016.

How to hunt Lugia in Pokémon GO

Hunting Lugia in Pokémon GO during the next two weeks it is just as interesting for those who never managed to capture the legendary bird in their day, as for those who already have it. The reason is not another that this “new” pokémon tells the powerful movement Aerial Attack, something that the first Lugia lacked.

New opportunity to hunt Lugia in Pokémon GO

As often happens with another type of legendary pokémon in Pokémon GO, Lugia will appear as leader of some gyms in which you encourage to enter during these days. That is why, again, to hunt Lugia with complete safety, you will have to team up with other trainers in a gym to fight against the powerful Pokémon. Only when Lugia has been defeated can each one of you catch him without surprises.

The Pokemon Company has already tried to capture the Pokémon and, to the satisfaction of the many players who will try to hunt down Lugia in Pokémon GO , says that on this occasion the goal is easier to capture than before. In addition, players would also receive double XP as an additional bonus after hunting the Pokémon.

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