New Mi Yoigo app for iOS and Android, more functional and intuitive


If you are a Yoigo customer you should be used to Mi Yoigo, the operator application that allows you to control from your consumption information about your rate and a long etc … Now the company’s app is updated with a much more intuitive design and adding functions to allow the user to handle all the information on their telephone line more efficiently.

The intention of Yoigo with the renewal of its app is that you are able to control everything you can do with your rate from the same place, without complex configurations or menus that end up totally lost with the passage of minutes. The operator states that with it you can manage your data, your calls, your router and consult special promotions from your smartphone without having to contact the customer service of the brand, which will remain available for any query.

New Mi Yoigo app for iOS and Android, more functional and intuitive

The brand has taken into account the opinions of users in order to improve its app, so it has had the participation of its customers to shape the new Mi Yoigo. This, from the outset, is noticed when contemplating the change in the interface of the application for iOS and A ndroid , now much clearer and more attractive, allowing fast access to information about lines and contracted rates, promotions or account data.

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News from the Mi Yoigo app

The idea is that all fixed and mobile information is available at a glance. The main page of the Mi Yoigo app shows the and everything contracted so far, the latest available invoice and the current consumption of the current month. All this is identified in graphs so that you observe the evolution of the expense, the calls or the data consumed. In addition, you can always check the promotions from which you can benefit to save a few euros at the end of the month.

To this we must add the possibility of consulting your commitment to stay, access your personal data if you need to modify them and check some tips, tips and frequently asked questions that may arise regarding your offer within the help section of the app. Yoigo To make matters worse, the application is able to find and provide information on the device where it is installed.

New Mi Yoigo app for iOS and Android, more functional and intuitive

Change the router password

Do you think that Wi-Fi is being stolen? My Yoigo facilitates something that for many seems to require a master’s degree in computing, changing the password of the router. At any time you can manage your Wi-Fi network remotely by seeing which devices connect to your network and changing your password from anywhere at any time, avoiding possible intrusions in your home network.

New Mi Yoigo app for iOS and Android, more functional and intuitive

The operator warns that these are not the only news that will reach the app, as Mi yoigo is constantly evolving to improve the user experience and make life easier for its customers.

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