Neither Quick Charge nor Dash Charge, Huawei’s fast charge will give you 90% in 30 minutes

Neither Quick Charge nor Dash Charge, Huawei's fast charge will give you 90% in 30 minutes

A few years ago we imagined that at this point, in full 2018, our smartphones would have 6,000 mAh of battery without it influencing in the least the thickness of these, but, as you can see, has not been fulfilled. Of course, in the 90s, people believed that at this point there would be flying cars, that’s a disappointment.

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However, everything we miss at the level of battery quantity, we gain in loading speed, since multiple protocols of fast charge have proliferated that allow us to give our device a few hours of use in a very short time. And now Huawei has been working on a new protocol for fast charging that will give us a 90% battery in 30 minutes.

Huawei’s fast charge will be the best on the market

As you read it, the so-called Super Charge in which Huawei is working would be the best fast loading protocol that we could find in the market, above that of Qualcomm and OnePlus, which are currently the best there is.

And, as you can read inthe Super Charge in which the Chinese firm is working could be present in the next Huawei Mate 20.

This would offer a power of 40 W, almost twice what we have when charging the Huawei P20. And of course, we would notice this difference, since currently, the normal thing is that we can load around 50 or 60 by the way in the same course of time.

As we have said, it is likely that we will see this loading protocol in the Huawei Mate 20, which would grant an incredible added value with respect to its rivals, provided, of course, maintain some equality in the rest of sections with them.


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