How much money you need to be happy?

We usually say that money does not buy happiness, but let’s be honest. We all know that it’s not completely true.

When it comes to income, scientists say that there really is an ideal amount that we can earn a year to feel emotionally satisfied – and believe it or not – having too much money could drag you into a territory full of unhappiness.

“That could be surprising, since what we see on television and what advertisers tell us we need would indicate that there is no limit when it comes to the amount of money that is needed for happiness, but now we see that there are some thresholds “explains psychologist Andrew T. Jebb of Purdue University in Indiana (USA).

Jebb and his team analyzed data from Gallup World Poll, an international survey of more than 1.7 million people in 164 countries around the world. Estimates were calculated based on purchasing power and questions related to life satisfaction and well-being.

When they examined participants’ responses about what is known as subjective well-being (satisfaction and well-being in life) they discovered that the magical number of ‘material well-being’ is a global phenomenon, but that it varies considerably around the world.

However, when you average the results, we can get a rough idea of ​​how much money is involved.

“It has been debated at what point the money no longer changes the level of well-being, we discovered that the ideal income point is 95,000 dollars (77,000 euros) per year for material well-being and 60,000 to 75,000 (48,500 to 60,000 euros) for the emotional well-being, this amount is counted by individual and probably higher for families “, explains Andrew T. Jebb, leader of the work.

Of course, the global average indicates how economic satiety points are significantly higher in some countries than in others, broadly associated with how rich each country is.

Life satisfaction costs $ 125,000 in Australia , $ 105,000 in North America and $ 100,000 in Western Europe, but only $ 70,000 in Southeast Asia, $ 45,000 in Eastern Europe and $ 35,000 in Latin America.

Worldwide, it is cheaper for men to be satisfied with their lives ($ 90,000) than women (need $ 100,000), and for people with low educational level ($ 70,000) or moderate ($ 85,000) than for people with education superior ($ 115,000).

Perhaps the highlight of the study is how it stands out that once you achieve this material well-being, you may want to freeze your earning capacity by that amount.

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