Movistar: new rate to navigate in the United States and Switzerland for 6.05 euros per day


The Movistar rates they have just received a new member, although more than a rate in itself, we are talking about an annex for all the contract rates that will be activated when we travel to certain places. According to Movistar, United States and Switzerland they are places outside the European Union (in the EU the same conditions apply as in Spain since June 2017) where their clients travel the most and that is why they have activated a new service that allows them to navigate at a much lower cost of the usual.

This new rate, announced today, is only applicable to Contract customers of the company and it supposes a considerable saving of money with respect to the quota that until now had been applied when we used the data abroad. Until now, Movistar has been charging its clients the not inconsiderable amount of 12.10 euros per Megabyte, which, by all accounts, could mean a very important setback in the bill, if we shared some photo accounts or a video of a certain size.

Movistar rates more affordable: 500 MB per day 6.05 euros

From today, if we travel to any of the countries mentioned, it is not that we can not worry about the consumption of data, but we can do it in a much more reasonable way than to date. The new Movistar rate includes 500 MB in Roaming with a cost of 6.05 euros.

According to Movistar, with 500 MB we can upload or download 150 photos, send more than 50,000 emails or visit 1,250 web pages, or what is the same, is a more than reasonable amount for normal use of our smartphone.

Movistar also gives us the possibility to access another 500 MB for a identical cost , or what is the same, that we will have 1 GB of data per day for 12.10 euros .

Movistar: new rate to navigate in the United States and Switzerland for 6.05 euros per day

This rate is activated completely automatically, and as usual, we will only be charged if we use the data. If we consume the “bonus” of 500 MB, we have a cost of 1.21 cents per MB , but it is not clear to us if we will be charged 6 euros even if we only consume a few MB or if the amount of the invoice will be proportional to the data consumed.

In any case, we must bear in mind that if we make normal use of the phone during trips of a certain duration, it is more than possible to find a surcharge of certain importance on the bill, since for example, a trip of a week spending the bonus every day would cost more than 42 euros extra on our bill.

With this addition to the Movistar rates , the Spanish operator seeks that its customers do not have to give up normal use of your smartphone or having to go looking for a WiFi network to connect to perform the most common functions such as browsing, checking mail, making reservations in restaurants or using the classic messaging applications

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