Motorola doubles its market share in Spain thanks to the mid-range


Motorola surprised the world by presenting the Moto G , a really well balanced device that marked a before and after in the telephony market by offering a very complete hardware at demolition prices. This small device was the main standard for the resurgence of a company that did not want to throw in the towel. And their efforts have been rewarded: Motorola has doubled its market share in Spain in a single year.

The secret of Motorola’s success in Spain ? Its complete range of terminals that offer a price-quality ratio without rivals. In command of this success is Rubén Perez, CEO of Motorola in Spain and that has made the brand one of the best options if you are looking for a complete Android phone without having to pay too much.

If we bear in mind that the users of the brand’s phones that have purchased any of their devices have prioritized the first Excellent value for money of the product, it is clear that the path followed by the great M has been more than correct.

And that the company has another element differentiating from its competitors as it not only offers a line of mid-range terminals that have a great hardware at reduced prices, but also Motorola opts for a layer based on Android Puro , with a minimal personalization that allows all its terminals to move the system smoothly.

Motorola doubles its market share in Spain thanks to the mid-range

The Motorola mid-range triumphs in Spain

These details are what have made the difference allowing the Motorola sales have increased by 26 percent in Europe compared to the previous year and with Germany, England and Spain as maximum exponents of the growth of the manufacturer in the Old Continent .

To give you an idea of ​​the impact of Motorola in Spain, the company has grown 36 percent more in our country compared to last year, which says a lot about the good health of the manufacturer.

Motorola doubles its market share in Spain thanks to the mid-range

In general terms , Motorola has managed to increase its market share from 1.9 percent to 3.6 percent . Of course, the manufacturer’s average range is the most profitable for the firm: 60 percent of its sales quota belongs to mobile phones that cost between 200 and 300 euros.

To achieve this growth and for Motorola phones to be accessible, the company has been present in the big operators of the country like Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or MásMóvil. Yes, the company directed in our country by Rubén Pérez wants to continue growing and for this three clear objectives have been marked.

Motorola doubles its market share in Spain thanks to the mid-range

The most important? that the Moto G, that we are already going for the fifth generation, is the king of the mid-range. On the other hand, the manufacturer wants their Moto Mods to continue to make a difference, being the only firm that is committed to these modular gadgets. The third point, but no less important, is to maintain that spirit of Motorola offering true range tops below 400 euros. Will they achieve these objectives? We are sure that yes.

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