Motorola announces its second mobile with Android GO!

Motorola announces its second mobile with Android GO!

Motorola has just announced its second smartphone with Android GO, and that is a splendid news for all those users of the low-end who still do not want – or can not – think of a mid-range smartphone as their next mobile.

You may be wondering,Well, as we told you at the time, this is a program announced last year to adapt Android to low-end phones -with 1 GB or less of RAM- and that they can perform in a relatively acceptable way.

There are already quite a few companies that have decided to launch a terminal with these characteristics, and, for the moment, Motorola is one of the few traditional companies that has decided to bet on a smartphone with this software version.

Motorola announces its second mobile with Android GO!

And, as you can read in The Verge, the American company has decided to launch an old acquaintance of the low range with Android GO, instead of a traditional Android version. And yes, we refer to Moto E.

Specifically, the Motorola E5 Play -presented last week- and the Moto E5 Plus, which is the one that has just been confirmed, are the terminals that the firm has decided to optimize – for its low hardware – adapting Android GO to them. Although, if we are honest, we are more in favor of trying to save some more money and go for a cheap mid-range, such as those offered by companies such as Xiaomi or BQ.

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At the moment, these units of the Moto E5 Play and Moto E5 Plus will be available in the UK from now, and the prices of both terminals range between $ 91 and $ 117, a price similar to that they cost their versions with a version of normal software.


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