Moto G6: A great camera with AI for less than 250 euros


A fashion that seems to prevail among high-end smartphones of 2018 is, apart from the 18: 9 aspect ratio screens, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies in order to add extra functions to the whole. However, there are ways to enjoy this novelty without having to spend money that can often throw us back in the purchase. The perfect example we have in the c G6 motorbike camera , starring AI.

The G6 motorcycle camera integrates two novelties compared to the previous generation of the manufacturer. The first one jumps at first sight, and is the integration of a dual camera featuring a main sensor of 12 megapixels that is accompanied by another 5 mpx that allows collecting information about the focal length of the capture. The second is not seen until you do the first picture, at which point the intelligence of the smartphone begins to work in photography.

Moto G6: A great camera with AI for less than 250 euros

Artificial Intelligence applied to photography

Leaving aside the results offered by the smartphone camera, today we are going to focus on everything that the Artificial intelligence to the user, who can access its functions from the camera app.

From the main screen of the camera app we have access to the object recognition tool, which can analyze any element that we capture with the double sensor of the camera. G6 motorbike camera . This serves to expand the experience of using the photographic section of the smartphone, because it allows us to obtain extra information that we are focusing on, being a very useful tool for real life. Think for example of focusing on a movie poster and get information Where and at what time do they shoot that movie in your city, or, on the other hand, focus on some shoes to see where to find them and even get a purchase link for them.

Full technical description of the G6 motorcycle

In addition to modes such as “selective color” or the masks we can use from the front camera, there are more recognition tools in the smartphone. The IA of the G6 motorbike It is also capable of recognizing places to, as with objects, obtain extra information about what surrounds us. We can know the schedule of a restaurant, identify a monument in a foreign place, get details about a certain shopping center … there are endless possibilities that you yourself will discover the first minutes that you start working with the Artificial Intelligence of the Moto G6 camera .

Moto G6: A great camera with AI for less than 250 euros

Of course, we can not forget to mention video modes of slow motion and timelapse or portrait modes, something that is included in a “package” that, right now, you can buy for less than 250 euros . What more can you ask for?

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