Moto C2 would be Motorola’s first Android Go mobile


Google has been working hard in recent months to restructure its Android mobile operating system. This restructuring we have known Android One and Android Go, the latter the lightest system for low-end mobile. Well, now we have known that the Moto C2 would be the first Motorola Go mobile phone .

To understand the differences between the versions of Android that currently exist, nothing better than to access this article where we explain in a simple way what each of these operating systems of Google is characterized.

Motorola’s first mobile Go Android the Moto C2?

Motorola would be developing a new mobile with modest features, and that would perfectly adapt to what we understand by an entry-level phone and potential candidate to have Android GO. Now the North American FCC has seen a new Motorola mobile pass through the certification that could perfectly be the new Moto C2. This would have passed through the certification as the JE30 model, although it will have nothing to do with the name in final code surely. This new mobile shows the size of your battery in the FCC specifications .

Moto C2 would be Motorola's first Android Go mobile

This battery it would be 2000mAh or 2120mAh , while also revealing the dimensions of the terminal, which we can see in a diagram of an attached image, and which are 147.88 x 71.22mm . For the rest, what we know so far about this new Motorola phone is that it would have a 5 or 5.2 inch screen , while your memory R AM would be 1GB , ideal for an Android GO device. The internal storage would be 16GB, so here too there would be a feature that would perfectly fit Android GO, which occupies very little space in the terminal.

Recall that this Moto C2 already has a fairly humble technical specifications predecessor, the Moto C , with 1GB RAM, and internal storage of 8GB and 16GB . Motorola would not only be developing this Android Go terminal, but would also be doing the same with a new device Android One , which is undoubtedly becoming the most popular Android edition among users, because it is a pure version of the system, without any customization by the manufacturer, except as much in the camera app. We will see if finally Motorola is encouraged with this Moto C2 to debut in the Android GO segment.

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