More than 80,000 private Facebook messages are on sale for a hack

More than 80,000 private Facebook messages are on sale for a hack

That Facebook and privacy are two terms practically antonyms is something we already know. Scandal after scandal Facebook loses confidence on the part of its users , something that we saw grow after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, the sale of data that happens to us today, does not have to do – at least directly – with the decisions made by the Zuckerberg team,

A massive hack would have allowed the attackers to access more than 120 million accounts, of which more than 80,000 private messages were sold at a ridiculous price. Facebook has proof of this , and they affirm that the weakness that has allowed access comes from various extensions of web browsers, and not from the social network itself.

One more attack that does not come as a surprise

More than 80,000 private Facebook messages are on sale for a hack

The attacks on Facebook are constant . In September of this year it suffered the biggest attack in its history,

In principle, European users can breathe easy, as the attack has been carried out mainly in Russia and Ukraine.

The attackers offer the sale of these messages for about 10 cents. In particular, the most affected are the Russian and Ukrainian users, although part of the United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil has also been affected. From Facebook they affirm that the security of the social network is in order , and that the access to these accounts must have been due to malicious extensions installed in web browsers . The team of the social network claims to have contacted the main responsible of the browsers to put an end to the malicious extensions.

Another blow that adds to a seemingly endless list of scandals related to Facebook and privacy, an uncontrolled giant whose future is increasingly uncertain , and which undoubtedly needs major changes in its policies to restore confidence to users.

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