More photos and an official video of the Honor Magic 2 appear


We have already seen the phones that will arrive this year with a sliding screen , and although most are models that have not yet come to light, the leaks that have been appearing in recent weeks have served to give us an idea of ​​what we will see next. One of those devices is the Magic 2 of Honor, a model officially confirmed by the company and that today we can see in an official video that has appeared on the networks.

As we knew, the terminal will have a sliding front that will leave your double front camera in view, and thus avoid the use of a notch that reduces space on the screen. The solution is quite, although we will have to see how the market responds to this trend.

Very similar to the Huawei P20 Pro

More photos and an official video of the Honor Magic 2 appear

The details that have been appearing so far speak of a 6.9-inch OLED screen with 2,340 x 1,080 pixels resolution, a fingerprint reader integrated into the panel and the unmistakable Huawei Kirin 980 . The features will be confirmed on October 31 in the event that Honor has prepared for the occasion, although videos like the one you can see below serve to continue clearing doubts.

As you can see in the images, the new Honor Magic 2 has an extremely striking gradient-like finish that is reminiscent of the colors available on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . We can also see how the cameras offer a new distribution , since the pair of cameras for defocusing joins the LED flash, while the third sensor remains independent lower. This placement would simply modify the location of the flash with respect to the Huawei P20 Pro.

More photos and an official video of the Honor Magic 2 appear

A fad for 2019?

More photos and an official video of the Honor Magic 2 appear

These designs are raising a very clear declaration of intent: the war against the notch. It may be excellent news for those who hate the famous eyebrow of the screen, however, this solution may not be more than an intermediate step to the real solution. In Samsung , for example, they work to include a sensor hidden in the screen that does not need any type of hole or window to capture images, a technology that will undoubtedly revolutionize the designs of the future and that could allow to give life to true infinite screens.

Meanwhile, Honor, Oppo and Xiaomi seem convinced that innovation means offering a mechanical system with which to place a retractable area that is not visible when we do not need it. Striking is of course, but how will it age?

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