More free Android games that you should normally pay for


We are not missing a week more to our review of the best free Android games that you can download today on your mobile, and for which you would normally have to pay a few euros or cents otherwise. A series of games that cover the most varied genres and that we will know now.

This week we brought you a selection of the best games of the legendary SEGA Mega Drive , the console with which many spend the hours in our youth in front of the TV, and fortunately, are available in many cases for our Android phones or iOS

Free Android games, like Hero’s 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG

You can not miss the RPG one more week, the most popular genre among free Android games that we can download now, and for which we would normally have to pay. This RPG is developed horizontally, sliding the fingers from right to left and vice versa. An RPG that puts us squarely in the fight between humans and beasts, which as always, seek to eliminate all traces of our race.

Download Hero’s 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG

Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer

Curious platform game, which in its development reminds us a lot of Flappy Bird , as we have to move between the different levels by clicking on the screen so that our character remains suspended. From this particular 2D perspective, our person will move through the different obstacles.

Download Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer

War 1944

As its name suggests, this game introduces us directly into World War II , and a gameplay of attacks by waves. In these we must use all the arsenal within our reach to eliminate the enemy forces. An arsenal that can of course be improved and customized with the passage of the different levels.

Download Guerra 1944

Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP

Again an RPG, this time with a retro and pixelated appearance that is the most attractive of the game. This VIP edition that is normally paid and now free, offers us 5000 gold coins and 200 gems, something we would normally have to pay for, and which is now completely free.

More free Android games that you should normally pay for

Download Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP

Empire Warriors TD Premium: Tower Defense Games

Tower Defense is still one of the most popular genres in the mobile environment, and in this case this Empire Warriors offers us one of the best experiences of its kind. A game that takes place in a fantastic continent, called Ioria. With many races this continent, including humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, goblins, monsters and many others. The key to this game is simple, plan, build and defend.

Download Empire Warriors TD Premium: Tower Defense Games

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