More exclusive Fortnite news for Samsung phones


Remember when ? When we thought that we would have to wait long enough to play the fashion title on our phones, we discovered how the period of exclusivity was shorter than expected, but mobile buyers could boast of the before their adversaries. now this Fortnite skin is completed with a new accessory pack for Galaxy devices.

The company does not want to forget the agreement with Epic Games to promote Fortnite on its devices and, therefore, Samsung has just announced that it will launch a new Fortnite Galaxy accessory kit next week. Specifically, it will be next November 1 when players who have a or a can boast to their opponents of new exclusive accessories that can not be located on any other platform.

This new performance completes the strategy of the brand with respect to the game of Epic Games, because in addition to offering it first on android, also gave away cash for the game for all those customers who once reserved the current top of the range of the firm.

Fortnite accessories for Samsung Galaxy

The exclusive Fortnite accessories kit for Samsung Galaxy devices will be available, initially, for the owners of a Galaxy Note 9   or a Galaxy Tab S4 , but it is expected that later these appearances can also be obtained from other smartphones of the Korean brand. Among the new accessories and contents for fortnite we have a new parachute, a backpack and a peak that will follow the design line of the exclusive Samsung Galaxy skin .

More exclusive Fortnite news for Samsung phones

The brand has not given any special instructions to get the exclusive Fortnite accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 , so it is expected that as of Thursday of next week, all players who access to your account from these devices find the peak, the backpack and the glider from the box office itself.

Similarly, there is no news that these are the latest content received by owners of Galaxy devices exclusively, so we expect to see new Fortnite content in the future, not only for the company’s phablet and tablet, but also for other compatible with the game.

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