MIUI 10 boasts performance against Samsung’s ROM

MIUI 10 boasts performance against Samsung's ROM

Hated by many and loved by others, MIUI is one of the most charismatic ROMs found on Android . Despite the short history of Xiaomi, have managed to position without disheveled in the top 5 worldwide of best-selling brands, reaching to sell more terminals than Apple and Samsung in certain countries.

There is no doubt that your phones have a great quality price but … what about the quality of your ROM? While MIUI is a hybrid between iOS and Android, the performance and optimization of this ROM is impeccable , regardless of its visual appearance. The firm itself has decided compare your ROM with Samsung’s , so let’s see what the results are.

MIUI 10 faces Samsung Experience

As we can see in the MIUI account, the tenth version of the Xiaomi ROM has faced the Samsung ROM . Up to 30 applications have been opened, in theory, under equal conditions.

  • All applications have been downloaded from the Play Store

  • Both systems had all apps closed

  • If some type of announcement appeared, the test was carried out again, so that there would be equality of conditions

  • If in all the tests the results were not identical, the app was replaced to avoid inconsistencies

Under these conditions, MIUI 10 has been faster opening applications on 23 occasions , while Samsung’s ROM has only won 7 times. As usual, we warn that speed tests are not useful for measuring the user experience , although it seems to be clear that MIUI 10 is an extremely fast ROM, and capable of equaling or exceeding in performance any of those that incorporate its rivals.

And to you, what do you think of MIUI 10?


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