Microsoft’s new anywhere, anytime PC

ARM-powered Windows 10

Implementing the full version of Windows 10 on processors with logo architecture is a remarkable improvement for Microsoft . We will look at the future of these processors for Windows computers.

At the recent Qualcomm conference , Microsoft unveiled the first Windows-based processor-based laptop. Thanks to the use of Qualcomm’s processors, now, in addition to the lower price of these devices, we see a dramatic increase in battery life .

At this conference, Microsoft presented a detailed description of the Windows 10 logo and developed computers based on this architecture. According to Radmin, the Windows 10 logo is the same as Windows, which is now rewritten for logo processors. Such a change in Windows architecture comes with many benefits that we still do not know.

Unlike previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, like Windows 10 , the Windows 10 logo does not use any additional names that point to the processors; in other words, the Windows 10 logo will only be named “Windows 10”.

Microsoft's new anywhere, anytime PC

Microsoft wants users with logo-based computers, in addition to Microsoft’s Stores apps, to be able to run Win32 software as well, so the experience that Windows 10 provides users with logos is much more professional than Windows 10s. In a preview of Microsoft’s ability to display these processors, the Photoshop application was used by default for processors with x86 architecture , but how it was executed on logic processors was just like traditional computers.

Of course, computers that use logo processors are not able to run all of the Windows software. According to Microsoft, only the software is allowed to run that has been developed with 32-bit architecture . This means that even with upcoming updates, the ability to run 64-bit programs will not be added to the Windows 10 logo; there is no guarantee that all Win32 applications will be implemented reasonably. Due to the nature of the simulation of running Win32 software, less well-known and anonymous applications may not perform well on the logic processors. Microsoft has tested only the most popular Windows applications, such as Photoshop, Office, etc. to ensure that it works correctly.

Some people expect Windows 10 S to focus only on businesses and schools, but Microsoft plans to bring this version to its front line with the Windows 10 logo. All computers that come with logo processors will use the Windows 10 S version as the default operating system; instead, users can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free by October 2018 to maximize their devices.

Microsoft seems to be doing a lot with Windows 10 for the versatility of the new processor ( Intel Core processor processors ). They want to do this in any way, because the benefits of using logo processors for Microsoft, Windows 10, are more similar to smartphones. Of course this is not bad in itself. Smartphones are powerful pocket computers that come with many benefits. These devices are capable of high portability, start up immediately after touching, providing users with an average of up to one day charging.

Microsoft's new anywhere, anytime PC

Microsoft plans to bring all these modern features to your computer. This means the distance between the power on and off is just pressing the power button and you can use it continuously for up to 22 hours (up to 30 days in standby mode). All of these features are realized by the presence of logic processors.

If the promises are fulfilled, our expectations will change forever with a high-cost portable device; a change to improve. The life of the battery and start faster, expectations from the other computers will be more, as well as the ability to connect to the Internet via SIM us allow that regardless of signal Wi-Fi, just like Nokia Smart, without limitation network, the Internet connects us So that the motto “always connected” can be realized.

Developed devices with logo processors, thanks to less energy requirements and better temperature control, will provide lighter weight in addition to lower thickness.

One of the main questions for users about this version of Windows 10 is its ability to run on Windows smartphones. Many users talk about the Windows 10 logo link to Windows Mobile, but the short answer to the question is whether Microsoft considers this version for smartphones is negative. The Windows 10 logo has not been optimized for mobile devices, and given the failure Windows Phone has suffered in the smartphone sector, Microsoft’s re-entry into this area is much more cautious than the past, and at least it should be expected that this will not happen in the near future. .

Microsoft has still missed a lot of questions. First, is the battery life that Microsoft claims to be the same in the real world? According to the company, the laptops developed by these processors will provide one-day charging, but it should be noted that most makers define some of their device’s features for exaggeration, especially for life The battery is more true. Products like Surfside, Surface Pro and Surface Laptop all provide real-world performance, but their battery life is slightly lower than what Microsoft has defined. Regarding this, it seems that the cost of a device based on logos processors is about 15 to 16 hours, which is an extraordinary number.Thurrott , the general concept of computer-based logos, is similar to computers with Intel Core M3 and Y series processors. Although not a terrific one, it’s better off using Chrome computers and Chrome OS devices.

Microsoft has optimized a number of great programs for working on logo processors, but the performance of unplanned programs is still unclear. In addition, there is also the issue of connecting peripherals to computers. During the development of the logo simulator for Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to support most of the modern drivers for the Windows 10 logo, but the state of older devices and their way of using them is unclear.

Until now, Windows 10 has promising a promise, but as with all the products of tech companies that appear to be promising at first, we need to wait for the ultimate in the devices in the real world to have a proper judgment about these devices.

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