Microsoft Surface Phone dual-display tablet [Leaked]


Once again, new information from the Microsoft Surface Phone, Microsoft, has leaked as a flexible dual-display tablet. This information is from the new Microsoft patents.

Two years ago, when Microsoft abandoned the smartphone hardware market, it was about to focus on its mobile software suite and develop Windows 10 for all platforms. In fact, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were the latest Windows Phone devices that were produced by the company itself.

But the rumors that Microsoft is launching another program to provide another upscale phone indicates that they have not yet been hit by the mobile market. The product, called Surface phone, will be a glamorous smartphone for professional users, if produced. It says the smartphone, just like the newly released Exxon M, can turn into a tablet. But maybe telling why rumors of Surface phone are once again heard; Microsoft has recently registered a number of new patents showing that they are working on a flexible, flexible device project.

Microsoft Surface Phone dual-display tablet [Leaked]

The Win Central website has released new patents featuring several different ways to operate a camera with such a flexible phone . In one of them, we see the camera lens on one of the sides of the phone, and the imaging module appears on the other side. Both of them will be connected to each other using a magnetic connector when the phone is closed and turned from tablet to mobile. The second patent explains how the second camera module can be hidden using a mechanical tab, so if the page is open, the module is not visible.

Microsoft Surface Phone dual-display tablet [Leaked]
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One of Microsoft’s recruitment requests relates to someone skilled in Qualcomm and Intel chipsets, so it shows that Microsoft is building a mobile phone. Surface Phone is expected to be powered by Andromeda; the operating system is a Windows 10 smartphone that also supports ARM chips and can run desktop software.

At the end, the WalkingCat media refers to an unknown application in Windows Whiteboard. The code for this app is referred to as the “Left and Right Page”, which can refer to the two sides of the Surface Phone’s flexible display.

This could be a good news for the company’s fans, which will probably see the company’s hybrid smartphone coming up with ARM chipsets in the near future.

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