Micellar water: all its uses and applications

Hello friends of WebChaat! Here I am again to tell you all what you need to know about a product widely used for facial cleansing: micellar water.

In addition to being a good make-up remover, this product cleans your face thoroughly, so it has become a must. In Belletica.com we want to show you origins, uses and applications of micellar water. If you are interested in this topic, do not hesitate to accompany me throughout the post, in which I will tell you several secrets:

  • What is micellar water?
  • Uses and applications of micellar water
  • The best brands for your face

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What is micellar water?

Micellar water is a product for the face, A multi-purpose make-up remover that is able to eliminate all traces of makeup, fats and impurities. This product adapts very well to the routine of daily hygiene, since does not harm or attack the skin , and cleans the most sensitive epidermis in a very gentle way. Even if you like other products such as cleansing milk or balm, micellar water is a good option if you want to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Several decades ago, micellar water It was used in French hospitals to clean burns without irritating them. The main difference with natural water is that the latter contains lime and chlorine, and lacks cleaning properties and its composition can vary by periods or regions.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

And what are micelles? Bioderma explains it to us: “a micelle is a complex structure of soft non-ionic surfactants (cleaning agents), which take the form of an invisible microsphere. In addition, micelles have two poles: a hydrophilic pole soluble in water and a lipophilic pole that traps fats that are incompatible with water . This double affinity allows it to attract impurities of all kinds and deposit them in cotton, so that it can eliminate external residues from the environment (makeup, impurities related to air pollution …), as well as impurities linked to the natural functioning of the skin ( tallow , sweating, elimination of dead cells …) “Everything is advantages!

A 3 in 1 product : cleans, tones and moisturizes. his formulation free of dyes, perfumes, parabens, soaps, surfactants and alcohol Micellar water is a formula indicated for all skin types, since it is 0% aggressive, and hydrates and increases its thickness. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it is perfect to take care of the most sensitive and delicate areas of the face.

Now that you know what micellar water is, I explain how to use it . We continue!

Uses and applications of micellar water

Undoubtedly, micellar water has become a staple in beauty routine. As you know, we can not go to bed without removing makeup, as this can wreak havoc on the skin . Let’s put laziness aside! The great advantage of this product is its ease when using it, since you do not need to rub in excess, just pass a cotton ball.

Theoretically, skin cleansing should be done at least twice a day (morning and night) , but we all know that it is not true on most occasions. With micellar water you can do it:

  • Apply in the morning on clean skin, to remove dirt before applying your moisturizer and makeup.
  • Use it to remove makeup from your face and moisturize and tone your skin at night.

Its success lies in remove makeup, capture dirt and sebum from the skin in a single gesture . In addition, you do not need to rinse after using it, although we do not have to forget to apply our moisturizer and the serum (this last one at night). The results are amazing!

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

Its use is indicated for the entire face, including the lips and the area of ​​the eyes. In addition, it works even with waterproof makeup . When you feel your eyes tired and swollen, micellar water will help you decongest them. You will feel more relaxed!

On the other hand, it is a and Excellent allied of the dull and tired skins : helps them recover their vitality and luminosity. The skins with redness also usually accept the micellar water very well. If your skin is mixed with a fat tendency, emphasize the T zone (forehead, chin, nose) to eliminate excess sebum and achieve a perfect makeup without shine.

In addition to being an excellent cleanser and moisturizer, Nivea gives some more ideas to use micellar water:

  • For after the sport . Right after exercising, the pores of the skin are more open and, therefore, more receptive to any treatment. It’s the perfect time to cleanse your complexion. With micellar water you will quickly eliminate sweat and prevent accumulated fat from attacking your skin.
  • For after sunbathing. Micellar water is not a substitute for any sunscreen, but at the same time you clean your face, you can refresh and relax it, restoring its vitality as if it were a flash ampule.
  • As an anti-inflammatory. This product also serves to relax inflamed areas, so revitalize your skin after waking up with a bad face.
  • To touch up makeup. In addition to removing make-up, micellar water can also be your great ally if you make a mistake when putting makeup on. Simply moisten a cotton disk and gently pass it through the area you want to touch up. Then, continue with your artwork. Test it!

It’s time to know the best micellar water for your face . There is a huge variety, but I have chosen some of the most interesting ones. Come on!

The best brands of micellar water for your face

We already know that the world of cosmetics It is very broad , and that of micellar waters could not be less. Its varied and complete properties have made all brands bet on the manufacture of this product, especially designed for daily use as a make-up remover. This is a compilation of the different micellar waters that exist in the market . You can find many of them at Belletica.com.

  • Micellar Water All in One, by Garnier. This brand has numerous micellar waters, but there is one of them that stands out above all: its Micellar Water All in one, since it removes makeup, cleanses and tones in depth, and is suitable for all skin types. In addition, it has several formats for different uses (economic, travel …) and its packaging is recyclable. To help take care of the environment!

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Sensitive Agua Micelar, by Ziaja . Specially designed for sensitive skin, this micellar water gently removes all makeup and dirt from the skin, effectively cleaning and softening the epidermis.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Micellar Cleansing Water, from Natura Siberica. It is suitable for all skin types, and thanks to ingredients such as charcoal you can eliminate impurities and clean pores. It also contains Siberian wild herbs, which stimulate the renewal of your skin, and organic birch extract, to refresh it.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Anti-stain Micellar Solution, by Bella Aurora. It is a lightening and illuminating cleanser. It also contains depigmenting active ingredients and vitamin E, green tea extract and alpha-bisabolol with antioxidant and soothing properties.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Micelar Rosehip Water, from Babaria . This product cleans and removes the skin gently and in a single pass, and does not need rinsing. Its low price makes it a very affordable product for day to day.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Micellar water, from Madara . This Micellar Water also contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, to protect your skin, moisturize and help prevent premature aging. It is a product suitable for vegans since it has a natural composition, in addition to not being tested with animals.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Micellar water for sensitive skin, by Loreal Paris. The micellar water of L’Òreal is composed of purified water, extracted with an advanced purification procedure, combined with micelles that capture the impurities and glycerin that hydrates and softens the skin, achieving an effective cleaning.

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

  • Micellar water for face and eyes, by Lady Green. It contains floral water of witch hazel, aloe vera and apple, ingredients that give it great purifying properties. Your packaging is ideal!

Micellar water: all its uses and applications

Here you have some videos so you can better know all the secrets of micellar water ?

These are some of the best micellar waters I have found. You must choose it according to the brand that you like, or according to its properties, to make the best effect on your skin .

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