Messages in morse code that are hidden in classic Nokia ringtones

Messages in morse code that are hidden in classic Nokia ringtones

Years ago, phones were limited to sending SMS and calling. 3310 , which stood out for a battery of great duration and its hardness. Even the tones of these terminals have managed to make a dent in the story. A few months ago we introduced a youtuber who was creating

In case you did not know it, a while ago the morse code messages that are hidden in the ring tones of these terminals were discovered. A” video a couple of years ago discovered that there are several>messages in morse code hidden in some of the classic Nokia ringtones.

For example, one of the most characteristic tones of these terminals, Ascending , kept a hidden message that was not discovered until years later and that referred to a well-known phrase from the Finnish brand .

Hidden messages in classic Nokia ringtones

In the video, the user was able to translate that tone into morse code, discovering in just a few seconds that the developers had included the company slogan as easter egg. As the video shows, when translating the tone into Morse code, it can be seen that the melody contains the following sentence: Connecting People .

This same user also showed that another well-known melody hid another hidden message. It was the default tone of the messages , which when passing through a Morse code translator discovered the SMS acronyms , which correspond to the Short Message Service messaging service.

The first message offered the brand’s slogan, while the second message revealed that the notification the user received was a text message . A few tones that with the passage of time have been lost, but still harbor secrets that users have not been able to discover so far.

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