Mercedes’ parent company Daimler has released its own digital money

Cointelegraph according to the news Germany-based automotive giant Daimler AG, known for its Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands, the Blockcha based digital money announced the creation of MobiCoin.

The company reported that the project, launched in February 2018, was created to reward drivers for their eco-friendly driving habits. The project will include 500 drivers during the next three months and these drivers will be rewarded with MobiCoin for their environmentally friendly driving habits.

Mercedes' parent company Daimler has released its own digital money

The system will function as follows: the data from the vehicles will be transferred to MobiCoin, which will be forwarded to Daimler and stored in a mobile application. Top contestants will receive VIP tickets for events such as DTM races, MercedesCup Final or Berlin Fashion Week. Meanwhile, it is not known whether the drivers will translate MobiCoin’s money or other crypto paralysis.

German automotive giants attack Blockchain

It has been seen over the past several years that many German automotive giants have adopted Blockchain technology. In February, another German automotive giant BMW announced partnership with Vechain, a Blockchain based supply chain development platform. That same month, Stuttgart-based Porsche announced that it was working with Berlin-based XAIN to further develop automotive lock systems and autonomous vehicles with the Blockchain system.

In January, on the other hand, Johann Jungwirth, Volkswagen’s technology chief, IOTA The Foundation was involved.

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