Memory problems? Nintendo shows that a quality game can occupy very little

Memory problems? Nintendo shows that a quality game can occupy very little

We know that smartphones have brought many memory problems to our lives, and we do not mean precisely what generation

But do not worry, because in a scenario where the games are getting higher quality and occupy more memory to , there are still developers like the very Nintendo pending that their titles reduce their weight to leave us much more space available.

And if you do not believe it, to show a button, because the Japanese have managed to make , reduce its size up to 75 percent in its latest update.

And all that, despite the large amount of new content and improvements that have been added to Fire Emblem Heroes for Android in successive updates prior to its release on Nintendo Switch.

It is the version 2.10.0 of the game that introduces this novelty that Nintendo has called ‘Lite Data’ and that avoids a weight in excessive memory with unnecessary content downloaded locally, also reducing the quality of graphics and sound to adapt according to devices to the hardware needs.

So, you can now install Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes without the memory for other games being a problem, and without the resources of the terminal limiting the experience, something that they will especially appreciate in emerging markets where the most basic devices are always between the best sellers

Nintendo continues to show that its arrival on smartphones has been thought out calmly and rigorously executed, and its latest title Dragalia Lost

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