Meeting Platform Hicky Solves Problems in the Sector

Meeting Platform Hicky Solves Problems in the Sector
Meeting Platform Hicky Solves Problems in the Sector

Perhaps the healthiest way to safely store information in our epoch is centerless platforms. Blockchain records of centerless platforms are shared among the ‘nodes’ in different locations, and the nodes constantly control the information through the self-managing mechanism. That is, even if a node is in danger, the conflict state is resolved by thousands of other nodes in the system, and the corrupted node is corrected in this way. This system is built with cryptographic protocols. These protocols protect the credentials and enable the person to exchange money and information easily and without the need for third parties. This system works smoothly and at the same time constitutes the basic framework of the dating platform

Blockchain technology and the high energy of crypto money hicky Everyone can be described as an open and transparent dating platform. The next generation dating platform Hicky was founded on the assumption that it is a powerful alternative to traditional dating platforms that embrace closed networking. Confidence, prestige, confidentiality and privacy – everything in love is expressed in Hicky, with HKY tokens, the currency of the platform. Platform members can use HKY tokens unlimitedly in various areas. For example:

  • Paying for contacts to contacts
  • Earn money from votes
  • Reward wins over referrals
  • Winning awards for positive behaviors
  • Increase verification level

To put it more simply; The HKY token encourages good behavior, is used to verify members, and ensures that personal data is safely protected. It is the only valid currency on the platform, powered by smart contracts technology and allows platform participants to interact with each other with confidence. Thanks to the innovative formula developed by the users, they communicate with each other in an encrypted way. In other words, the platform is full of privacy. On the other hand, fake accounts are put forward with visual and auditory authentication system developed within platform.

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