Mavro ICO Starts Today!

Mavro ICO Starts Today!
Mavro ICO Starts Today!

Mavro now working with blockchain technology! MAVRO, which we can define as a Global Common Fund that people help each other, is extending helping people by pushing the feelings that are confronted in the modern world like ambition and interest. The platform describes its intent as a demolition of the unfair financial system in the world. MAVRO will take advantage of the possibilities offered by blockchain technology to achieve this goal.

Mavro is building a strong infrastructure thanks to its transparent processing capabilities offered by blockchain technology. This secure infrastructure allows the platform funds to be distributed among all participants.

The financial system of today’s world can not go beyond being a pyramid. The US Federal Reserve System, which is at the head of this system, is pushing the dollar out of control. Moreover, the traditional banking institutions operating within this system are pushing people into a kind of slavery with the credits they give and they are getting big profit rates from this situation.

According to the research done, the rate of poverty in the world in the past three years has increased by almost 20%. As a result, people became borrowers and dependent on the banks day by day. Moreover, consumers are forced to withdraw consumer loans through indirect means applied by the media or banks. Do not you have a way to finish this captivity? Based on Blockchain technology, the innovative ” Mavro “System, each user’s commitment to the traditional financial system is ending.

Mavro as a system in which financial transactions can be carried out at any time without being subject to any limitations or supervisory authority. Perhaps the most important feature of this system is that it treats all users equally. Moreover, income from this system is not taxed. Measures were also taken against unwanted activities such as fraud or financial manipulation that could occur in the system. All processes in the system based on Blockchain technology are completely transparent.

Mavro you can immediately take part in the ICO event, which began on March 15, 2018 (today) to get tickets for the platform’s financial freedom. The ICO event for MRV tokens will continue until April 16, 2018. Moreover, soon after this date, token will begin to function in various stock markets.

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