MásMóvil continues to accumulate new lines in the face of the bad figures of Vodafone and Orange


One more day we review the status of operators working on national soil. With the end of the summer promotions it is necessary to review the status of each company and see how the users have responded to the offers of Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and Movistar.

We must remember that we are facing the first month where the results show the landscape that remains in our country after two of the big operators who added football to their offer, this year have decided to dispense with the broadcast of all types of football retransmission , being Movistar the only great company that can offer Operator Portabilities MoreMobile + Yoigo + Pepephone + LlamaYa 50,000 Movistar + O2 + Tuenti -4,000 Orange + Jazztel + Simyo + Amena -39,900 Vodafone + Lowi -40,300

Moremobile, at your own pace

This month we must add 50,000 new clients to the networks of the left us a total of 42,300 new customers, adding the contracts of MásMóvil , Yoigo, Pepephone and LlamaYa and this month things are still the same, with better figures even for the company.

MásMóvil continues to accumulate new lines in the face of the bad figures of Vodafone and Orange

Movistar endures

As we say, O2 tries to take off from a sea of ​​low-cost operators, the final data of the company, along with those of Movistar and Tuenti end up generating a slight loss of 4,000 clients. Very far from the tens of thousands of customers who left the operator at the beginning of the year.

Vodafone and Orange, lose customers

The portabilities of November 2018 do not leave good news in the offices of

Vodafone does not have better luck since during the last month the British company ended up without giving the key that allows it to stop losing contracted lines. On this occasion, during the last weeks, 40,300 clients have been retired from the company, adding Vodafone and Lowi . Promotions like and other campaign offers could help reverse the situation in the current month.

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